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#URSuccess Contest Winners 2015

Thank you to everyone who participated in the second annual #URSuccess contest! We received more than 100 incredible entries, making it tough for our panel of judges to choose these four winners.

Only students who are living in University Residences next year were eligible to win, and posts were judged on creativity, originality, and fitting the theme of success in University Residences.

First Place: Alex Hamlin (Shreve)

Alex filmed a Shreve 2-West floor program where the residents gather to brush their teeth together, Toothbrush Monday. The guys manage to make good oral hygiene a bonding experience. Alex won a customized dinner for 20 friends at the Athletic Dining Court.

Second Place: Drake Krohn (Cary Quad)

Drake captured the Swipe Out Starvation wall in Cary Quad, where each card represents money raised to help end starvation. Drake’s prize is a customized dinner for 15 friends in the Windsor Hall Kitchenette.

2nd Place - Drake Krohn

Third Place: Anna Francis (Shreve)

Anna and her friends showed off what’s great about Purdue’s campus. Anna will receive pizza and milkshakes for 10 friends at Harrison Grillé

Director’s Choice: Shreve 5-West (Shreve)

The gentlemen of Shreve 5-West contributed many #URSuccess posts, none better than a poster celebrating the service worker on their floor. Shreve 5-West will get a meal at the Sagamore Restaurant at Purdue Memorial Union.

Director's Choice - Shreve 5-West

#URSuccess Contest Rules

The ultimate goal of Purdue University Residences is student success. We at UR want to see that success, so we’re holding our second annual #URSuccess contest, where residents capture themselves or others being successful in University Residences or around campus. The winners get sweet prizes, so it’s worth your time.

Last year’s winner was a YouTube video of a resident rounding up friends and going sledding at Slayter Hill. Second place was an RA’s Instagram photo of a diversity-themed bulletin board, and the third place entry was a tweeted photo of a jam session in someone’s room in Cary Quad. We saw a lot of cool hall programs and plenty of our awesome dining courts.

Posts can be funny, or sentimental, or artistic, or even just a selfie. Post your interpretation of University Residences success on social media with the hashtag #URSuccess and you’re in the contest.

2014 #URSuccess First Place – Matt Tornquist, Cary Quad


1. An entry can be text, image, video, vine, meme – anything on social media that includes the hashtag #URSuccess.

2. Entries must be posted by March 31, 2015, by 5 p.m.

3. You must be currently enrolled at Purdue and plan to live on campus next year. Only entries posted by students who have signed a housing contract for 2015-16 by the deadline (March 31) are eligible to win prizes.

4. Your legal name must be listed on your profile or included in your post. We have to know your name to give you a prize.

5. Your post settings must be set to “public”  or we can’t see it. We have to see it to give you a prize.

Third Place - Stephanie Leeth, Hillenbrand

2014 #URSuccess Second Place – Stephanie Leeth, Hillenbrand


Entries will be judged by a team of administrators, and prizes will be awarded based on creativity and originality.

First Place: Customized dinner for you and 20 friends at the Athletic Dining Room – you get to work with a Purdue Dining & Catering chef to select your personalized meal! Your favorite foods will be prepared by a professional chef.

Second Place: Customized dinner for you and 15 friends in the Windsor Hall Kitchenette, personalized to your tastes and prepared by a professional chef.

Third Place: Pizza and milkshakes at Harrison Grillé for you and 10 friends.

Winners will be contacted by April 6 through their Purdue email address or the social media platform from which they posted. You will have until April 10 at 5 p.m. to respond to your notification, or your prize will be forfeited. Once you respond, University Residences staff will contact you to coordinate the details of your event, which will take place during the spring semester of 2015. No cash value can be exchanged for your prize if you win.

Nichol Wuertemberger

 2014 #URSuccess Third Place – Nichol Wuertemberger, Cary Quad

#URSuccess Contest Winners 2014

First things first, thank you to everyone who participated in the #URSuccess social media contest! The quantity and quality of participation blew us away, enough that we wanted to share not only the winning entries but also a group of finalists who perfectly captured various aspects of success in University Residences. Some entries are funny, some are heartfelt and all are a reminder that living on campus is a dynamic and unique experience. There was singing, there was sledding, and there were zombies.

All we asked for were social media posts with the hashtag #URSuccess showing us something great about living on campus. Posts could include a photo or video and were judged on creativity and originality. In order to be eligible for a prize, the student had to have re-contracted to live in University Residences again next year, since the contest was part of our contract renewal campaign. After the 10-week contest concluded March 31, a panel of HFS administrators chose three winning entries, featured here:

First Place: Matt Tornquist (Cary Quad)

Matt produced a video of snow day sledding on Slayter Hill, getting ready to brave the cold in his room and then joining all the students who trek to Slayter for a day of fun when classes are cancelled. Matt won a customized dinner with 20 friends at the Gathering Place in Meredith Hall, where he will get to plan the menu with a professional chef.


Second Place: Stephanie Leeth (Hillenbrand)

Stephanie is an RA at Hillenbrand who snapped this photo of a bulletin board she designed, which celebrates diversity and encourages students to be mindful of some commonly-used offensive phrases. The second place prize is a meal with 10 friends in the Athletic Dining Room in Cary Quad where the Boilermaker athletes eat.

Stephanie Leeth Feb 17


Third Place: Nichol Wuertemberger (Cary Quad)

Nichol’s photo is a quintessential res hall experience… Everybody grab an instrument and annoy the neighbors! Nichol’s prize is lunch with 10 friends at the Sagamore Restaurant in Purdue Memorial Union, a favorite food spot of Purdue faculty.

Nichol Wuertemberger March 27 (2)


Honorable Mentions (listed alphabetically):

Hannah Addie had two entries as finalists, one of engineering students on her floor making homemade snowboards and another of her RA staff dressed as characters from The Walking Dead.

Hannah Addie Feb 7

Hannah Addie Feb 3

Nicoletta Fala shared videos from several events in Shreve. Forewarning: karaoke.


Steven Kalacinski parodied a football training event to create the “RA Combine.” (Read bottom to top for sequential order).

Steven Kalacinski Feb 24


Stephanie Leeth shared two videos, one that includes projectile food and the other a song written and performed for an RA.


Elliot Mathieu took the time to celebrate his resident assistant on RA Appreciation Day.

Elliot Mathieu Feb 19


Lorrie Newhouse shared a photo of the hand-made invitations to a Valentine’s Dance from Tarkington to Windsor and then a group shot at the event.

Lorrie Newhouse Feb 13

Lorrie Newhouse Feb 21


Kelly Peterson captured about half of Meredith crammed into a common room to watch the Super Bowl.

Kelly Peterson Feb 4


Joel Phillips made a compilation video of the dining courts, residence halls and sledding at Slayter Hill.


Raymond Riley found his way to the Shreve Chatterbox for a study break. As detailed in our Of-the-Months post from March, the Chatterbox is a ballpit with questions written on some of the balls to encourage students to get to know each other by jumping in and start conversations.

Raymond Riley Feb 20


Annie Sheahan shared a touching moment from a program at Windsor, where students sent Valentine’s cards to a retirement village.

Annie Sheahan Feb 11


Nichol Wuertemberger shared another photo of the Shreve Chatterbox, with the guidelines for participation listed on the right.

Nichol Wuertemberger March 25 (2)


Hannah Young praised the staff of the dining courts for coming to work and cooking during a very snowy winter at Purdue.

Hannah Young Feb 5