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Logan Dan    |   Hawkins Hall

Class: Senior

Major: Computer Information Technology

Hometown: Fort Wayne, Ind.

Years as an RA: Two

Why did you choose to come to school at Purdue?

It had the type of thing I wanted to study like STEM majors; it was the only school I applied to.

Why did you decide to become an RA?

I liked Res Life, and I was looking for more leadership positions so I applied.

What is your favorite part of the job?

Interacting with residents is great. Learning about their lives is fun. That whole community aspect is really great.

What are some tasks you have that you were not expecting?

Sort of like, cleaning up after people, if they leave a mess or if someone pukes somewhere on a weekend or after hours I have to clean it up.

What is the biggest challenge?

I have a mostly international population in single rooms, and they are also older so it is very hard for me to interact with them and build community, because a lot of them are more shut down and introverted, and living in my hall because they don’t want the traditional res hall experience so it’s a lot harder for me to build community and sort of network people that way.

What advice would you give to a resident who wants to become an RA?

Talk to your RA about it; start hanging out with your RA. Talk to the RA supervisors, talk to them about the application process and sort of interact with them. If you have a chance, get involved in the hall club because that looks good on an application, just being involved in res life helps.

How can you apply your experience as an RA to your future career in the real world?

At some point I want to be in a management position, running some sort of business. So I think just being able to interact with people and how to handle crazy off-the-wall situations will be applicable to that.

Why should students want to live in Hawkins?

Hawkins is quiet, it’s really nice. Its quiet all the time. I think the RA staff is great, we’re fun to hang out with. It’s really close to campus, close to academic campus and Chauncey so all the food and fun things that happen. We have a really big kitchen so it residents like to cook they can cook in the kitchen, and you don’t have to have a meal plan to live at Hawkins so if you don’t want to cost of the meal plan Hawkins is good.

What is your favorite thing to eat in the dining courts?

Tomato basil soup at Windsor, for sure.

If you could have any TV/Movie character as your best friend who would it be, and why?

Probably the genie from Aladdin, because he seems to be really entertaining to be around and is probably good for a few wishes.

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