What’s After This Week?

Unfortunately, the end of Spring Break is coming. Breaks tend to fly by but hopefully you got all the rest, relaxation and fun you needed! So, now what? There is this month and a half between you and Summer vacation. Focus is most likely not the top priority on your list. Here are some ways to enjoy this last stretch and stay on track!

Make a schedule. This will help you stay on track and keep the distractions at bay. I know that the weather, Pinterest and Facebook sound much more fun than reading and making note cards. By making a schedule of when you will be studying and when you will have free time to relax, see friends or do whatever you want it will help to keep you productive. Making studying times at your most awake and productive hours will also help you get the most out of your time.

Go outside. Come out of hibernation. Indiana is actually experiencing nice weather and it’s time to enjoy it! If you have a couple chapters in that pesky textbook that need finishing, take them outside. As long as you stay on track and finish what you need to there is no reason you can’t study out in the sunshine! Take a friend and a blanket and enjoy one of the grassy spots at Purdue!

Don’t take too much on. Finals are scary and now is about the time that people begin to obsess. If you start now you can make a study plan that has reasonable sleeping, eating and socializing hours. It is important to not load yourself down with stress. Take a couple hours each day to do something you enjoy. Go on a walk, play with your pet or go to dinner with friends. Everyone needs time to unwind!

Following these things can really help you balance your life and school. Try adding one in every few days so you don’t overwhelm yourself. These are just some tips that could help you stay on track. Do you have any other advice? Let us know! We love comments!

Happy Studying!

Not Going Anywhere For Spring Break, Don’t Worry!

For some of you, Spring Break has already begun. For those few of you that are waiting for that one class to be over…don’t worry it will be over before you know it! Spring Break always goes by too fast for my liking anyway. Our last Spring Break blog post this week is something that I have a bit of an expertise in. If you are a part of the crowd who is not going on a traditional Spring Break vacation, this is the blog post for you! It is possible to have fun while relaxing at home and I’m going to give you some ideas to help!

Reconnect with high school friends. It’s easy to become distant when going to different colleges all over the state or even nation. Your high school friends spent many Friday nights watching football games, Saturdays hanging out at the mall (never actually buying anything) and watching movies in basements with you. It’s time to do all that stuff again!

Netflix. I am a HUGE fan of Netflix. I know I am not the only one out there that loves it as well. Try out a new TV series or watch that documentary you were meaning to check out. On their website, they have a running deal to try a month for free. The best part? No, waiting a week for the next episode, you have whole seasons of TV series available. Don’t worry no one will judge you for watching the entire season in one sitting.

Visit a city nearby. Make a day trip to one of your favorite cities with a friend. One Spring Break, a friend and I drove to Chicago. We went shopping, had dinner and (later) found out it was St. Patrick’s Day. It was a cheap trip but we had as much fun as if we paid $1000 dollars.

Read those books you have sitting on your desk. Reading for fun is hard to do when you have assigned readings in almost every class. The words begin to blur and by the time you’re finished, reading a book for fun no longer sounds like a good idea. Relax, you’re on Spring Break remember? No assigned readings!

Recharge. Spring Break is just that, a break for students in their Spring semester to take some time to relax. Use this week to your full advantage. Sleep-in, eat some home cooked food and visit with family and friends.

The most important part of Spring Break is to do somethings for yourself. This is your time!

Have a wonderful (and safe) Spring Break! We’ll miss you!

Staying Healthy on Spring Break…

Going to a warm and fun filled destination on Spring Break is most likely the number one thing on everyone’s minds right now. I have to admit I am extremely jealous of all of you! When you arrive at your desired Spring Break destination, whether it’s Cancun or Minnesota, you’re first priority is not ‘how will I stay healthy this week.’ Yet, this is a very important issue. When our focus is set to FUN, we tend to ignore things that can potentially keep us healthy and happy. I will go over a few easy tips to add to your Spring Break to keep you and your friends healthy and ready for fun!

One: Drink as much (clean) water as you can get your hands on. Chances are this will not be your drink of choice but water can really keep your immune system in top shape. When you’re in a different place with different bacteria and viruses, having an immune system able to fight off sickness is extremely desirable! This is especially important if you plan on spending a majority of your time in the sun. Dehydration is not fun and if not taken care of can lead to a hospital trip.

Two: This is simple and may seem silly at first but it is very common. Be careful with local cuisine (especially when in a different country.) I am the first person to say I love trying new foods and your Spring Break will put you in an adventurous mood. Be sure to use your senses when eating local foods; scent, look, feeling and taste. If it smells, looks, feels or tastes funny it probably has something in it that will not agree with your stomach. No one wants food poisoning or stomach issues on Vacation!

Three: Proper attire. Whether you’re skiing or laying on the beach think about your skin. In cold climates, staying warm and wearing the correct amount of clothing will help to keep you healthy and again keep that immune system up and running. In warm climates, a majority of you want to come back to school tanned, proving your tropical experiences. Sunburns can become very serious if not prevented and taken care of. Wear the appropriate amount of sun block. You will still get Vitamin D from the sun, it will just be in healthy amounts. Bad sunburns can give you a fever, blisters and even cause you to get sick. That does not sound like a fun Vacation.

Stay safe on your break and remember these three easy tips to staying healthy!

One more day!!

Spring Break!

This week I want to talk about all the ways to have a fun, awesome and safe Spring Break. I completely understand the excitement and the “I just want to have fun and not think about anything,” part of Spring Break. This is my first year without one since Kindergarten. Let me tell you, Reality Check! I don’t want to lecture you about what you can and cannot do. I just want to help guide you to prevent some potential Spring Break disasters.

Tip #1: Emergency Contacts. This seems simple and redundant but you’d be surprised how helpful and well it works. Pick out two people you would like someone to call in case of an emergency, i.e. hospital, sickness, etc. Let’s say you choose your mom and dad. Put their numbers in your phone as 1Emergency Contact and 2Emergency Contact. The numbers will ensure that the names come up first in your contact list if someone is looking through your phone to find out who to call. Also, if you have a lock designated on your phone it would be wise to turn it off for Spring Break. That way if there is an emergency people can get to your contact information.

Tip #2: Destination. Make sure someone knows where you are going at all times. This means if you are going to the pop machine on the next floor of your hotel or to the store down the street, tell one of your friends. This goes along with the “buddy system.” If you’re going somewhere far from your group, take someone with you. Chances are someone will want to go with you. It’s important to remember where ever your destination, you are not at Purdue. You do not know your way around Mexico, Florida, etc. as well as you do Purdue. It’s easy to fall into a trusting mood when you’re relaxing on the beach. Just remember, to think before you act.

Tip #3: Drinking. In most Spring Break destinations, out of the country, the drinking age is lower than the United States. If you are of legal age and are going to enjoy some beverages on the beach or at the bar remember these few things. Make sure to drink water in between drinks. The worst thing in a warm climate is dehydration and alcohol speeds up that process dramatically. Be aware of your surroundings. Unfortunately, not everyone is nice and classy like us, Boilermakers. Some people take advantage of Spring Breakers. Be aware of who is around you and where you are. And last, make sure you buy your own drinks…ladies. This can apply to anyone but I know as a lady it comes up a lot, keeping an eye on your drink and making sure you are the only one to touch it can keep you and your friends safe.

I hope that you will take these few tips under consideration for your trip to Puerto-where ever you’re going. We will talk about more Spring Break things through out the week. Get excited (like I need to tell you!)

5 Days!

Do You Want To Share Your Opinion?

Do you ever feel like you have something you want to say and be heard but have no idea who to tell? Opinions help any business or organization to make your experience the best it can be. University Residences at Purdue is no different. We want to provide you with the best experience, service and communication available. No, this isn’t a comment box that no one has the key to. We genuinely want to hear you opinions!

There are multiple places for you to voice your thoughts for University Residences (UR). The first and (obvious) one is right here! I would love to hear your criticisms and praises on this blog or whatever comes to mind. All I ask is a way to respond to you (email etc.). Don’t leave me hanging! I love having conversations about UR and hearing your side of the story.

Another source to voice your opinions and thoughts is on our Twitter (@ResLifeAtPurdue). I have access to the Twitter 24 hours a day. I do my best to respond quickly with answers, help or kind words. On Twitter, there is a Direct Message option if you would like to talk privately otherwise you can just use our Twitter handle. I enjoy hearing about your day or even seeing your pictures. We also utilize the #purduereslife hashtag.

Next, our Facebook is a great place to ask questions or find answers. We also love hearing your opinion about UR. Our page is located at http://www.housing.purdue.edu/Home/. We have information, news and much more available there. This page is monitored mostly during “business hours.” If you need immediate assistance on a question, use our Twitter or Website.

Finally, our website has some great features for you to utilize. We have a weekly “Voice Your Vote.” It is a question changed every Monday having to do with UR. Your answers will help to improve your experiences here at UR. There are several links to help with an array of issues or inquiries you may have. There is anything from student employment to answers for your parents.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help! We are here to help make your experience at University Residences at Purdue great! Let us know what you think! 🙂

Happy Commenting!

Making Friends Can Help Me After College?

Let’s talk about making friends. Of course, this year is almost over with and I’d be willing to bet that you have already made friends. What I want to talk about is maintaining relationships and the positive effect it can have on you after graduation. In the current job market, it’s about 25% of your skills and 75% about who you know. So the more people you know them ore help you professionally and personally receive. I am going to talk with you about how to maintain relationships using social media and how to cultivate more relationships as well.

Facebook, an obvious “friend” service. Facebook can help you maintain personal relationships but also give your friends insight into your other interests. If they see that you “liked” a computer programming page they will begin to know more about your interests. Once someone associates certain interests with you they will be more likely to remember you when the subject of computer programming arises. For instance, their boss mentions they are looking for a new programmer at their workplace. Your friend may mention the position to you or give their boss your name. This and many other situations will help you now and in the future.

LinkedIn, a professional Facebook. It’s a place where you can upload your resume, examples of work and to put your name out there to other professionals. This, in my opinion is one of the best places to maintain professional relationships. LinkedIn will not only help you build relationships professionally, but it is also a place to look for jobs, internships, summer work, etc. LinkedIn is also a place where you can connect with professionals you know and don’t know. Don’t be afraid to send a message to a person of interest in your career field of choice. People love to talk about themselves and they may help you in the future. Professionals are beginning to use social media sites to fill positions as well. Not only will this site help you after you graduate but it may just land you that internship you’ve been searching for.

Twitter, professional and personal. Twitter is a good mix of the personal aspect of Facebook and the professional aspect of LinkedIn. You can follow respected individuals in your field and begin to build relationships with them and those that also follow them. Just by tweeting about subjects you are interested in can tell professionals that you are interested in your career field and you are paying attention. Just by following the right twitters you can see what companies are looking for individuals for available positions or internships.

Social media isn’t just for fun it can help you stay in touch with old friends from the past, friends from the present and friends who can help you in the future!

Happy Friend-ing!

From Coloring to Organizing…I Promise It’s Worth It!

It is so great to see what a success Monday’s blog post became. I had so much fun writing about letting your inner kid out to play! Who wouldn’t have fun writing about crayons and fun? How do I follow up a great post with awesome feedback? That’s the bittersweet nature of writing a successful and enjoyable blog post…how do I follow that act? I could write about fun things to do to act like a kid all day long. Unfortunately, I already did that so on to the next subject.

What I am about to talk about is exciting to me and it very well may be exciting to you…or not. Organization has that all in or all out effect on people. If you don’t like cleaning or organizing don’t quit reading just yet. I am going to give some tips on organizing your University Residences room, your school responsibilities and your online life. There are many positive effects organization can have on all aspects of your life and I am going to show you the way.

First, let’s talk about your room. Sometimes it’s difficult to share your space with someone, let alone keep it all organized. I suggest (providing you and your roommate have a good, trusting relationship) organizing your things together. You don’t have to go out and buy expensive boxes or designer organizers to make things look put together. I am a big fan of working with what you have. Giving random items a place to belong is a great way to keep things where you know they will always be. Stack your movies next to your TV, that way when you want to watch “Insert favorite movie name here” you will know exactly where it is. If you are in need of boxes or crates for mixed items laundry baskets or milk crates are a great way to separate like items and remove them from the floor.

Now, let’s move on to your school responsibilities. I know everyone hates that feeling of leaving that assignment in your room in some random place. Your professor asks your class to hand in your papers and BAM! that drop of the stomach feeling immediately precedes. Keeping all of your school items and responsibilities organized can really help eliminate losing your stomach dropping assignment. Folders are a cheap, easy way to organize everything you need for each class. Binders are also a great way to get everything in the same place. I use folders on my desk to separate items that need action, are finished or are ongoing pieces of work. The same thought can be applied to each class. Pens, pencils, and crayons 😉 can be put into an empty jar with a wide mouth. Spaghetti sauce jars work great and you can decorate them if you like. Keeping your laptop or desktop is an important part of the organization process. I had a file for each semester on my desktop. In that folder, I had a folder for each class. Each time I added new files I would back up the semester folder onto a jump drive that I kept in my school bag. Virtually, eliminating the “I forgot my homework,” to “I just need to print it out quick,” which trust me, sounds much better!

Finally, the fun one! Your online, social life sometimes needs organizing. This has become so much easier due to apps being made for everything! Most of you have apps for Facebook, Twitter and more on your phones. Why not use your calendar app that almost every phone comes with. Put test dates, lunch dates and homework 😦 dates. The alerts will help you stay on track. You’re already using your phone, you might as well have it help you with the rest of your life!

So, I say this whole heartedly…Happy Organizing…then go color a picture! 🙂