Did You Know…?

Recycling and reusing efforts can be seen all around the world. Americans are fairly behind on this curve. In speaking with folks from other countries, many do not have the choice to recycle versus not – recycling is mandatory. We as Americans and university students must continue to try to educate ourselves by increasing our knowledge regarding recycling in order to try and preserve our resources for future generations. For example, I was unaware that many items that once contained food products (pizza boxes for example) can be recycled, regardless of whether they are completely clean and devoid of food particles. In a recent random sampling of some of our residence hall waste, we found that nearly 80-90% of what was thrown in the trash headed for the landfill could have been recycled. What does this mean to you? It means we could do a much better job. Purdue and the residence halls recently participated in Recyclemania 2012, and recycling bins can be found all over campus. Let’s not rely on a competition to highlight our efforts to step up our recycling initiatives. We need to change our culture to adopt recycling as a way of life. The University’s recycling program defines trash as:

  • Food waste and food containers with significant residue.
  • Snack wrappers
  • Liquids
  • Kleenex
  • Restroom paper (hand towels and toilet paper) 

On a slightly smaller scale, Purdue University Food Services does whatever they can to make a difference. What happens to your unfinished mac n’ cheese or the rest of your wet burrito when you put it on the elusive tray return? An interesting and environmentally positive process begins! The food waste is ground up and sent to the wastewater treatment center in West Lafayette. There, the food waste is put into large containers that house a certain form of bacteria that eats the waste. This bacterium then produces a methane gas that is used to provide power to the treatment plant. This process that your un-wanted food goes through helps keep almost all waste from the Purdue Dining Courts out of the landfills and turns it into reusable materials. How can we do better here? Take only what you care to eat, which creates less waste, less need for washing, detergents, electricity and man hours.

The dining courts also recycle many products: cardboard, cans, glass, aluminum, etc. The uneaten food that is no longer up to Purdue’s health standards (but is still healthy and edible) is sent to a local food bank to be served to those who are in need of a hot meal. The dining courts produce very little waste. What waste we do create, is a very small percentage considering the amount of products and food prepared to feed all of us!

I don’t know about you but all the efforts the dining courts go through make me feel better about where I am eating! What is an interesting way that you choose to recycle? Let us know here or on our Twitter @reslifeatpurdue.

Happy Recycling!

How Do You Show Your Leadership?

Standing out from the crowd is an important asset for a Purdue student. We all want to be special and different from others. A way to stand out in person and on paper (for instance, in a resume) is to show how you have proven your leadership abilities. Purdue offers multiple ways to show the leader that you are and can become.

1. Leadership in University Residences. Becoming an RA with University Residences is a great way to showcase your leadership, problem solving and communication skills. It also aids you after college when looking for a job. The traits you can gain when being an RA are very desirable to hiring managers. Think of your opportunities. Not to mention the perks of being an RA!

2. Leadership roles in University Clubs. Becoming involved in University recognized clubs and/or organizations is an important part of being an active student at your school. Once you are involved in these clubs moving your way up the leadership ladder is a great way to show your leadership mobility. Another positive of becoming involved in clubs that interest you, think of the friends and skills you will gain!

3. Leadership opportunities at your part-time job. A majority of students supplement their money situation by getting a part-time job. Not only does this give you money to spend or pay bills with, it also shows a sense of responsibility and work ethic towards your education. Employers like to see that you took your education and your time off seriously. By taking your part-time job to the next level and moving up the ladder it exhibits your leadership skills.

There are many ways to show leadership and these are just 3 simple ways. How do you show your leadership qualities?

Happy Leading!

Why Should You Follow University Residences’ Social Media?

Following our many forms of communication can not only help you see what we are doing to help you have the best home at Purdue but they are also places for you to communicate your wants, needs and concerns. We want to hear your thoughts! It gives us things to be proud of and others to work on.

We have many forms of social media for you to interact with us on:

Facebook: This is a great way to communicate with us through out the day. We post news stories relating to residents, updates on events, photos and more detailed information for our friends. Facebook.com/UniversityResidences

Twitter: We are on Twitter most of the day and some of the night, especially when big events are happening. This is a way to interact with us and see who else is communicating with University Residences. We post relevant links, news stories, Re-Tweet information for our resident followers and we love to interact with our followers! This is a great way to ask  a quick question or see what’s going on on campus that night. If you ever have questions, comments or information you want Re-Tweeted simply tweet us @ResLifeAtPurdue and we will quickly help you!

Blog: This form of communication is to interact with you but is also to produce content for student’s living the University Residences life. There are usually 2-3 blog posts per week and the subject matter varies. It always comes back to life in University Residences! We always want to hear your comments on our posts or if you have any ideas for future posts. Reslifeatpurdue.edu

Webpage: Our webpage has a HUGE amount of resources for you and your parents. There is information about Residence Halls, student employment, dining options and so much more. There is also a Voice Your Vote poll that changes every Monday. These answers help us to make your stay in University Residences a better experience! Housing.Purdue.edu

Try following one or all of our social media sites! You won’t be disappointed!

Happy Following!

Stress Got You Down?

The time of thinking about the end of the semester has begun. Usually this is met with stress, anxiety or the worst – procrastination. I am going to give you the right tools to fight all of these “End of the Year Symptoms.”

Stress and Anxiety: These are some of the worst symptoms. Not only do you feel anxious but they can physically make you sick if you don’t try to fight them. Break outs, stomach aches or eventually more serious side effects can happen. There are some easy ways to fight stress and anxiety that are  not time consuming and easy to follow.

  •  Eat right. I know sometimes this is difficult but even improving one side dish to a veggie or fruit can help. Many healthy foods contain natural stress fighting ingredients. Now, we all know the dining courts have awesome mac n cheese, Oreo pie and wet burritos and you don’t have to give those up. Try adding an apple or small salad along with your Oreo pie. You’ll feel better about your choices and your body will be happy too!
  • Try a stress relieving activity. On days when you’re really feeling the pressure, try doing something to dispel that negative energy. Walking, jogging, Frisbee, biking, etc. are all great examples of fun ways to help get rid of some of that stress.
  • Visit CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services). Sometimes you just need someone to talk to who can help you through the rough times. CAPS has many services to help students deal with stress and other problems. Some include individual counseling, conjoint counseling, group experiences, psychiatric services and more. To contact CAPS call 765-494-6995, Mon.-Fri. between 8am and 5pm.

Procrastination: I am no fool or stranger when it comes to procrastination. When I look back on how it effected my grades and stress levels I wish I could have found more ways to fight it. There is no easy way to make yourself get focused and stay focused. Here are some tips that can aid you in your fight!

  • Take breaks. When you’re studying for hours it is difficult on you and your body if you don’t let your mind rest every couple hours. When I studied, I would study for two hours and then take a 15 minute break. Take a walk around Hicks, get a Coke or just check Facebook. You’ll feel recharged and ready to go after each break.
  • Give yourself time each day to relax and do something just for you. Watch a favorite TV show, go to a performance on campus or hang out with friends. Doing this each day will help you stay focused when you need to be.
  • Make a schedule. Having a schedule and getting into a habit of studying and taking time for yourself will help you and your body know when it’s time to study and when it’s time to relax.

Following some of these tools that work best for you will help you in your last stretch of school. Making and keeping healthy habits now will help you through out college and beyond!

Happy Tuesday!

Summer Fun…And Work.

The summer is coming (even though it feels like it is already here!) A majority of you will want a summer job to make some extra cash or to save up for the next school year. While working at the local ice cream shop or gym can be fun and easy, now is the time to build your resume. By participating in jobs or events that are of interest to your area of study you will maximize your experiences…and your resume will be buff!

Try spring Job Fairs. These aren’t just for seniors looking to graduate, most of the time any level of student can attend these free events. In the spring, there tends to be a large amount of job fairs held in April. These fairs have all types of jobs, not just full-time, college graduate careers. For instance, if you are thinking about a certain engineering field, go to an engineering job fair. Meet the recruiters and inquire about internships or other opportunities. The recruiters are not there to intimidate you. They love meeting new people and it is their job to answer your questions. Always bring a resume to these events. This helps recruiters remember you and helps them to hand your resume off to the right people.

If job fairs aren’t for you and you want a “fun” job this summer…try summer camps. Having a camp counselor position on your resume shows many different experience levels. Not only do you get to make friends and play outside all day, you get paid to do it! Most of the time you will have housing and food for free as well. This is a great resume builder and a way to network with people from around the world.

The Center for Career Opportunities is a great resource for students! They will help you build your resume. Not only that, but they also have resources to help you find internships and jobs. If you are stuck in looking for a job you really want to enjoy, the CCO can help you find the right path towards your career!

These are just some options to aid in your search for summer work. There are so many resources out there to help students. If you have any suggestions for other students, comment and let them know!

Happy Job Hunting!

Take Pride In Your School!

Having pride in the place that you attend school is not just wearing T-shirts with logos or attending basketball (or your favorite sport) games. That is a fun part of it and can definitely show case how you feel about Purdue! There are other facets to taking pride in Purdue University that you can take part in!

1. Attend events on campus. There are so many different opportunities that Purdue offers their students and staff for free! Take a look each week at who is speaking on campus or what musical/Broadway act that is here that might interest you. Attending sporting events is definitely a part of this but they are not the only events that are located on campus. These events could help you in the long run or just give you time to escape and enjoy a show.

2. Get involved with an organization. Find an organization that is related to your major or choice of career path. There are groups for almost everything. Join a few if you have time. Not only do these groups help you make more friends and connections in your field on campus, they also look great on a resume.

3. If you love your school, shout it from the rooftops. Okay, that was an expression but I’m sure you get the general idea. When people ask me where I graduate from, I answer proudly and confidently, “Purdue University.” From a future employer’s standpoint, being proud of where you came from and what you accomplished is important. It’s nice to see that you show loyalty to an organization like Purdue University.

These are just three ways to show your love for Purdue but there are so many more. Tweet us @ResLifeAtPurdue, Facebook us http://www.facebook.com/UniversityResidences or comment here with your ideas, questions or additions! Enjoy the weather!


Warmer Weather Means…

so many things. People are coming out of hibernation and campus is coming alive. This is my favorite time of the year. It’s that time when we get our first stretch of warm weather and everyone comes out on campus. Girls are wearing Spring dresses, guys are wearing shorts and everyone is outside just having a good life. Frisbees, dog walkers, sun tanners, nappers by the liberal arts fountain, it’s all painting a great picture. There are some other things to remember when it gets warmer, the most important being your health.

The first thing we don’t want to remember but I’m going to bring it up, allergies! Some people have no problem with Spring allergies (and all of us who do are so very jealous of you!) When you’re trying to do everything outside to soak up all the sun you missed over Winter, it’s not fun to think about sneezing, coughing or itchy eyes. Pay attention to how your body is feeling. Don’t be afraid to take medicine or go consult a doctor at PUSH for questions. The last thing you want to do is be in bed sick when all your friends are outside having fun!

Another Spring tip to consider is that tricky Indiana temperature effect. You know, when it’s fall and it has been around 80 degrees and all the sudden it’s 60 degrees and we have jeans, sweatshirts, gloves, etc on. It works the other way too. Even though this Winter has been a mild one it has been chilly and very windy. So now that the weather is above 60 degrees, we are all ready to find our shorts, tank tops and flip flops! It’s very exciting but we all have to remember our bodies are still getting use to the weather change. Whenever the temperature fluctuates there is a chance in getting sick. Try to take a jacket with you just in case and again, pay attention to how you feel!

The last Spring tip I have for you, you have probably heard before. There are a few key things to staying healthy. Drink a lot of water, eat healthy and at the chance of repeating myself again…pay attention to how you feel. Water does so many amazing things for us but the main being, it keeps our immune system up and running. Eating healthy helps give you all the vitamins you need to stay at your best. And by paying attention to how you feel, you can prevent some nasty sicknesses. There are usually warning signs and if you catch them in time, you can help yourself keep the sickness to a minimum.

Just by following a few simple things can help make your Spring at Purdue the best it can be! If you have any questions, additional tips or comments please comment or get a hold of us from any of our choices on our About page.

Happy Friday!!