It’s Never Too Early to Attend Career Fairs!

For three years, I was under the assumption that Career Fairs were only for seniors. When I was enrolled in a course on finding a career and attended a Career Fair my Senior year, I realized…I was completely wrong!

I want everyone to learn from my mistake on this one. No matter what year you are, you can still attend the Career Fairs at Purdue! It is almost time for the Career Fair Season to begin and I want you to be ready!

Career Fairs are not just for Seniors looking for jobs after graduation. Most of the time there are a lot of internships and summer positions available at these fairs. Career Fairs also offer you a chance to get experience at short-interviews (about 2 minutes or less) where you can use a short speech to tell them about you and what you are looking for. They also give you a chance to network and meet people! Networking is a very important aspect of finding a job. I would go as far to say that it is THE most important thing you can do when beginning your career search. Getting in the hang of talking to professionals will be a huge help in interviewing and networking.

What do I bring you ask? Well, a resume is a must. Getting a resume set up can be a difficult task to accomplish on your own. The Purdue Center for Career Opportunities (CCO) can be one of the best resources you have for your beginning, middle and end in finding your career path. They have several resources to help you, one being resume writing. You can meet with an expert to help you write, edit or just go over your resume. You must keep in mind that a resume from someone who just started at Purdue will look dramatically different than someone who is just about done with their time at Purdue.

Anything else you should know? The last thing to think about is dressing professionally. Think conservative. Dress pants for men and women (not jeans, leggings, short skirts or shorts). Women you may also wear skirts that cover your knees when sitting down as long as you wear some type of hose or tights underneath. For both, wearing a dress shirt that buttons up or covers everything it needs to is important. Basic professional dress. If you are still unsure a quick Google search of “Business Professional Dress” can help.

If you still have questions or concerns after these tips the CCO can help you with anything to do with your career path!

The CCO is located in Stewart Center, Room 194, open Monday-Friday, 10 am to 4 pm. You can also make appointments by calling: (765) 494-3981. They have an email for questions (allowing 2 business days for a response) at

Sleep Deprived?

I want to start out this blog post by saying that I am a huge fan of sleep. Even when I was a child, I did not have to be asked twice to go take a nap. This is a good thing! New studies have come out recently stating that the recommended amount of sleep has changed from 8 hours to 9 hours for adults.

Personally, I believe the time should be longer for college students. There are many variables of stress in a college student’s life other than going to school. Of course, class, exams, homework, projects, etc. are obvious points of stress but there are more major stress points. Financials, student loans, friends, relationships, time management, the list could go on and on.

Sleep is that one time where you can forget that you owe rent tomorrow and your group project isn’t working out because you have that group member. It is also beneficial to your health, memory, and lifestyle in general. According to the Sleep Foundation, short sleeping lengths contribute to increased risk of vehicular accidents, obesity, diabetes, heart issues, and even psychiatric problems.

The Sleep Foundation also admits there is not a magic number of sleep for the public. Each person has their own number of sleep time that works for them. Yours may be 7.5 hours or it may extend to 12 hours. What ever the time amount may be, it is important for you to find your comfort zone.

Happy Sleeping!

Welcome Back!

For the past couple weeks Purdue’s campus has felt like it is sleeping. Luckily, today all the students are back and it feels like a college campus again.  When I came to work today, at 8 am it was already buzzing!

The first day of class was always my favorite. It sounds dorky but I liked the promise that each class held on that first day. I couldn’t hate or love a class yet. There was no dread filled march on to a class I knew I didn’t like. I held a certain excitement for each course; a hope that this class would be my new favorite.

Some of you may not feel the same way as I did or even feel opposite towards the first day of class. What I am going to say next you will most likely not believe but you will miss it. I speak from experience. This is my first year out of college, in the working field. I miss college! I am lucky and really like my job. I get to do exactly what I want to do and it is so exciting!

A part of me misses small things I thought I would never miss: late night study sessions at Hicks, celebratory Den Pops after an exam (okay I knew I’d miss this), lunch at the Union between classes, little things like that. I could go get a Den Pop right now…but I would be an adult getting an unnecessarily large 72 oz. pop instead of a student getting a 72oz Styrofoam cup of energy which is completely different!

It makes me wonder what everyone else will miss. There are obvious things everyone will miss about college: sleeping in, cancelled classes, or Grand Prix. What do you think will be your most missed college ritual? It may be something that will surprise you!

Welcome Back!

Do You Have a New Years Resolution?

A big topic currently is New Year’s resolutions. Whether you want to lose weight or spend more time studying for your classes there are a few ways to make your resolutions stick this year!

Make your goal measurable. A goal like, “I want to study more for school,” is not a measurable amount nor is it specific. How much more? What class specifically? Where and how will this happen? A longer, in depth goal like, “I will study an hour more for my math course on Tuesdays in Hicks,” has a measurable amount. It also holds you more accountable for what you want to accomplish. You know that on Tuesdays you will be in Hicks for an hour to study math. You will also be able to easily track your progress through homework, quizzes, and exams.

Set benchmark points on your way to your ultimate goal. “I want to lose 20 pounds by Spring Break. I will work out Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday each week for one hour,” is a great, measurable goal. It is easy to become discouraged in the beginning if the results are slow or you have trouble keeping up with your goal. By setting benchmark points you will feel like you are able to accomplish things on your way and it will keep you going. Example benchmarks for the goal listed above: accomplishing a 10 minute mile on the treadmill, fitting in to those favorite pair of jeans that are just a bit too small, or when you reach the halfway mark allow yourself a reward.

Try not to get discouraged. Everyone has trouble sticking to a new process in their daily lives. It takes a few weeks for a change in lifestyle to become habit. Until you get in the hang of integrating your goal into your daily life try to stay positive and stick to it even when it gets hard. If you had the studying goal from above and you missed a Tuesday because of an exam, date, or you just forgot, don’t become discouraged. The best thing to do is to find a solution, for instance, “I missed my hour of studying on Tuesday so I will make up my hour on Wednesday,” or “I will stay next Tuesday for an extra hour.” By making up the missed hour of studying you will still feel like you are on track and it will help skipping future studying time.

These three suggestions can really help you take your goal from a New Year’s resolution to lifestyle change! Enjoy the rest of your break and happy goal setting!

To Tweet or Not to Tweet…

Twitter keeps gaining speed through the social networking world. I’ve jumped on for the ride, have you?

A quick description of Twitter: it is very similar to Facebook status updates. You have 140 characters to get your point across. It is also easy to connect with others by subject. Putting a # and a subject like #PurdueLove can connect you with any others that have posted that same subject. You can involve your followers by @TwitterUserName. There is also a private messaging system set up called direct messaging.

There are some worries involved with Twitter. Sometimes it feels like a venting tool but it is important to be careful. If your account on Twitter is not private anyone can search you and see all your tweets. Even those tweets you wrote when you were mad or maybe a late night tweet you forgot about…future employers, colleagues, family, anyone will be able to see those. If you are worried about your tweets’ contents it may be best for your to switch your account to private.

There are some great benefits to Twitter’s constantly updating stream of tweets. It is hard to miss breaking news or notifications for your area. If you follow the right accounts you won’t need to work too hard to keep up on all of your favorite topics If you are looking for news at Purdue, it is easy to follow. There are several accounts that can help you with any subject.

Our account @ResLifeAtPurdue helps you to connect with other residents from the University Residence halls. It also acts as a sounding board for any questions or comments regarding the Residence Halls.

A general account for Purdue, @LifeAtPurdue posts on many topics: campus closings, news, sports, clubs, and recent photos.

Working during a Purdue sporting event or just busy? You can follow the many Purdue sports accounts for Purdue! These are just some that I have found but if your favorite sport is missing search for it on Twitter (Purdue+SportName)!

  • @PurdueWBB (Purdue Women’s Basketball), @PurdueSports, @BoilerFootball, @PurdueMensHoops, @PurdueVB (volleyball), @BTN_Purdue (Big Ten), @PurdueSoftball, @PurdueGolf, @PurdueWrestling, @PurdueSoccer, @PurdueCycling, @PurdueBaseball, @PurdueMensLax, @PurdueRecSports, @PurdueTrackXC, @PurdueMSwimDive, @PurdueWSwim

Want the latest local news for Purdue and the surrounding areas? Don’t worry there are Twitter accounts for that too!

  • @purdueexponent, @PurduePress, @indystar_purdue, @WLFI, @jconline, @PurduePolice

Looking for a job or need some assistance with your future career? Follow these accounts:

  • @PurdueCCO, @PurdueLACD

Here are some of the academic departments that have Twitters. If your department is missing please let me know so I can add it on here.

  • @PurdueKrannert, @PurdueAgEcon, @PurdueCS, @PurdueAdmission, @PurdueLibraries, @purdueunion, @PurdueFoodSci, @PurdueEDU, @pusvm

Events at Purdue even have Twitters!

  • @boilergoldrush, @purduegrandprix

Here you will find some other Purdue Twitter accounts that may interest you.

  • @PurduePMO (Purdue Musical Organization), @PurdueSCC (Purdue Student Concert Committee), @JohnPurdueClub, @PurdueSG (Purdue Student Government), @Convocations (Purdue Convocations), @PurdueOldMasters, @PurdueGreeks (Fraternaty & Sorority Life)

The next time you wish you could have updates on the basketball game or the current events with the University Residences don’t hesitate and use Twitter!

Its Getting Cold Outside, Are You Feeling Under the Weather?

With cold weather comes snow, hot chocolate, warm blankets, and unfortunately for us, sickness. There are several things you can do to fight off illness without too much effort.

Always bundle up! This is important to remember. It seems so simple but we are all guilty of running to our car without a winter coat or just a sweatshirt on. The sweatshirt is not enough to fight off the cold and a quick run can still expose you to extreme temperature changes.

Eat right and take your vitamins. Simple enough, right? Ha! College diets do not normally contain the correct vitamins, let alone the recommended amounts. Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins to maintain during the cold season. If you are an excessive orange juice drinker, you are excluded, but everyone else should consider taking a Vitamin C supplement during the Winter season. Always consult with your doctor before adding over the counter medicines or supplements to your diet.

Trust your instincts. If you have a tiny feeling of sickness coming on, it is important to pay attention to yourself. You’ve known yourself the longest and usually that feeling is right. Seeing a doctor early on can greatly reduce your absence from class, work, and weekend fun!

There are plenty of places close or even on campus that can help you with your questions or sickness. If you have an emergency please call 911.

PUSH (Purdue University Student Health Center):

PUSH Website

Phone: (765) 494-1700

Address: 601 Stadium Mall Dr. West Lafayette, IN 47907

Hours of Operation:

–       Medical Clinic: Mon. – Fri. 8:30am – 4:30pm

–       Urgent Care: Mon. – Fri. 8 am – 8 pm, Sat. & Sun. 10 am – 6pm

Unity Immediate Care Center

Unity Immediate Care Website

Phone: (765) 446-1362

Address: 1321 Unity Place Lafayette, IN 47905 (Off of Creasy Lane)

Hours of Operation:

–       7 days a week: 8am – 8pm

–       After hours visit a 24 hospital

IU Health Arnett (Main Hospital)

IU Health Website

Phone: (765) 448-8000

Address: 5165 McCarty Lane Lafayette, IN 47905

Hours of Operation (Emergency Room):

–       7 days a week

–       24 hours a day

St. Elizabeth Hospitals

–       Visit their website for hospital locations, phone numbers, and hours.

–       Note: they have multiple locations

Winter Wonderland Necessities

We have had an unusually warm start to December this year. I am sure most of you are enjoying the weather and so am I. But winter is coming and as the past has shown it will be COLD and not just, “Oh I think I’ll need a coat,” cold. It will be, “Why do I live here. I hate you snow…are those icicles in my eyelashes?” cold. Now is the time to prepare by filling your room with gloves, scarves, and hats. I have a few tips that I learned as Purdue student that I wished someone would have told me my first Winter!

Invest in a quality winter coat. I have tried the easy and cheap way out to getting winter coats and it just does not work. The best way to get a quality winter coat at a cheap price is to look for sales. The sales after Christmas and Winter seem to give you the best bang for your buck. I have found that the after Christmas coat sales are fantastic and you don’t have to wait until the end of winter to get your coat! If you can stall until the end of January, this is another good time to grab a winter coat at department stores for a bargain price.

Do not worry about how dumb you think you look. This one is very important. I remember getting worried about how a hat would make my hair look or how a bulky, winter jacket made me look like a marshmallow. I spent my first winter here being so very, very cold. The next winter I realized that everyone looks puffed up! We are all wearing huge winter coats, boots, gloves, scarves, hats, and some of us even wear long underwear (this girl). The point is to look out for yourself by staying warm and healthy.

Winter boots are different than fashion boots. Just because something is called a ‘boot’ does not mean it will keep you warm and dry. I was guilty of this until my senior year. I asked for real, winter boots for Christmas and that is exactly what I received – rubber bottomed, fleece lined, lace-up winter boots. I tell myself the flannel tops make them quite fashionable but that is beyond the point. They keep my feet warm, dry, and most importantly slip-resistant.

Buy gloves in bulk. It seems like a silly thing to do but trust me gloves are like socks…they are very mysterious. It will be handy (no-pun intended) to keep multiple sets of gloves on you. Nothing is worse than cold, wind burned hands trying to take an exam.

As you visit home or where ever you end up this winter break think about preparing for the cold that is about to be at our front doorstep!

Have any other helpful hints you’ve learned for the winter? Let us know by commenting here, our Facebook, or our Twitter!