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May Of-the-Month Awards

Purdue has five Of-the-Month campus winners for the month of May, as well as three regional winners. Not only did the Boilermakers have a strong regional showing last month, but at the end-of-year national conference, Purdue was recognized for having the most points in the Great Lakes region, as well as the fourth-most in the whole country!


Regional winners:


Congratulations and thanks to all the res life staff members who worked so hard this year!


April Of-the-Month Winners

The res life Of-the-Month winners for April have been announced, and Purdue has one regional winner to go with all the campus winners this month.

Campus Winners:


Regional Winner:


Congratulations to Melissa and the rest of the award winners for closing the academic year strong!


February Of-the-Month Winners

National Residence Hall Honorary recognizes outstanding students, staff, organizations and programs in residential life every month with Of-the-Month (OTM) awards. We’re going to start publishing the winners of these awards here to highlight what is so special about living in University Residences and spotlight one or more winners with a description of why that program or person deserves the recognition.


Social Program Winner: Shreve Hall Chatterbox

Person in Charge: Parth Shah, Shelby Farmer     

Nominated by: Ryan Egan

The idea to put a ball pit in a public space originated from the website, created by Rainn Wilson (or Dwight Schrute from The Office). The original purpose was to allow strangers in New York to meet one another amongst all the hustle and bustle of the big city. Having seen SoulPancake’s ball pit video, Shreve’s fourth floor RAs Parth Shah and Shelby Farmer felt that this underutilized piece of equipment typically found in children’s play places could be thoroughly enjoyed by college students.

The Chatterbox is intended as a free space for residents of the large hall to meet each other without the usual stunted awkwardness characteristic of introductions. To aid in the get-to-know-you process, Parth and Shelby wrote conversation starters on miniature beach balls immersed in the Chatterbox, questions such as, “If you had a month to live, what would you do?” The Chatterbox is a passive program in the purest sense. Some of the RAs assembled it in the lobby one evening and left it largely unattended for a few weeks, leaving the rest up to residents. On a given day, one can walk by the Chatterbox and find two or three residents sitting and talking about life. Sometimes you might find a student lying face down in the Chatterbox after coming back from a hard day of classes. I’ve walked through the lobby to see a person sitting solitarily in the Chatterbox, only to watch as a pair of hands and a face emerged from below the surface, accompanied by laughter from all involved. Whether as a reminder of the simpler days of childhood or a vehicle for intellectual adult conversations, the Chatterbox is open to everyone.

Congratulations to all of our Of-the-Month winners for February!

February OTM Winners