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#URSuccess Contest Winners

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the third annual #URSuccess contest! More than 100 incredible entries were received from over 50 individuals, creating a tough time for our panel of judges to choose these five winners.

Only students who are registered to live in University Residences next year were eligible to win. Posts were judged on creativity, originality, and showcasing the theme of success in University Residences.

First Place: Nicholas Sabatini (Shreve, recontracted in Cary Quad)

Nicholas filmed “Shrevival” to show how to survive while living in Shreve Hall. He managed to set up camp, find a water source, and go hunting throughout the video. Nicholas was awarded free housing for Fall 2016 semester for showcasing how he is successful on campus!

Second Place: Matt Cunningham (Shreve, recontracted in Third Street)

Matt showed what living in Shreve was like for him and his friends this year. By recreating Pure Michigan’s famous commercial for his floor 6-West, he made it to the winners list and will receive a free meal plan for the Fall 2016 semester.

Third Place: Jamila Hachlaf (Shreve, recontracted in Honors College)

Jamila captured the essence of creating a community on campus with a slideshow of pictures featuring the friends she has made while studying at Purdue. Jamila’s prize is a free parking pass for the 2016-2017 school year!

[Jamila Hachlaf][1:22:16] 2 screenshot.png

Fourth Place: Will Baud (Shreve, recontracted in Shreve)

Will filmed Shreve 4-West having a Viking Floor Dinner at Earhart Dining Court with their Faculty Fellow, Jason Ware, and his kids. Will presented and enforced the 3 rules for a Viking Dinner: no utensils, no cups, and viking noises. Will has won pizza and milkshakes at Harrison Grillé for the whole floor!

Res Life Staff Award: Hyesoo Chae (Shreve, RA in Honors College next year)

Hyesoo has won two tickets to a Convos show and dinner at the Sagamore Restaurant. Hyesoo was awarded this prize because the residents on her floor produced the most entries for the contest.

[Hyesoo Chae][1:24:16].png

Congratulations to all of the winners of this year’s #URSuccess Contest!



BoilerTV On Demand

BoilerTV On Demand is here! You can now watch movies and original Purdue programs on your computer and mobile devices. Simply visit in any browser, select the “On Demand” tab, install the plug-in, and you’re ready to watch! To watch on a mobile device, download the Swank Media Player App, then visit in your browser to choose your movie.  Movies from the last three months of the BTV Movie Channel (4.1), as well as BTV Original Videos, are all available online.

Happy watching!

Gingerbread Contest Winners

Congratulations to Hillenbrand Dining Court, which won both the Judges’ Choice and Peoples’ Choice Awards in the 2014 Gingerbread Contest!


To see all of this year’s entries, visit the gallery on the Purdue Memorial Union Facebook page.

The judges awarded ribbons for first, second and third place. The judges’ first place winner will receive a bowling and pizza party at PMU and a $1,000 prize to be used in the dining operation. The people’s choice winner also receives a traveling trophy, with Hillenbrand Dining Court keeping the trophy as repeat winner of the fan vote.

Thank you to everyone who voted, the judges who judged, and most of all the students and staff who worked to bring these delicious dwellings to life!


Gingerbread Contest

It’s almost time for the 2014 Gingerbread Contest!

This year’s theme is Tunes of Christmas, and we need your help determining the winner. Voting will take place Dec. 10-12 on the PMU Facebook Page. Ford, Earhart, PMU Catering and others will participate in the contest. Structures will be judged on overall appearance, originality and creativity, decorating detail, difficulty, fit to theme and staff participation.

In the mean time, here’s a sneak peek of what the contestants are working on. What do you think they are making?



Finding a Roommate in Purdue’s StarRez Portal

If you’re reading this, you got into Purdue and decided to live on campus. Both good choices! The next thing you’ll do if you haven’t already is find a roommate, the person with whom you’ll share space and time and if you’re lucky, toothpaste when you run out. That’s what friends are for.

Finding a roommate in Purdue’s StarRez online portal may seem daunting, but it’s actually pretty easy. In fact, you’ve probably already done the first step.

1. Fill out the Personal Preferences page.

This is Step 11 of 13 in the StarRez site, a simple questionnaire that will help match you with a compatible roommate.

1. Fill out the Personal Preferences page.

2. Decide whether to live with someone you know or someone new.

Go to Step 12 of 13 in the StarRez portal, where you’ll see instructions on selecting a roommate. There are two tabs to choose from, “Search for a roommate by Career Acct. Login” if you already know the person you want to live with, or “Search for a roommate by Personal Preferences” if you need to find a roommate.

2. Decide whether to live with someone you know or someone new.

3a. Search for a roommate you already know.

There are two ways to search for a roommate in the StarRez portal if you already know who you want to live with. First, you can ask your friend for his or her Career Account Login, which was assigned when he or she was accepted to the university. Enter that into the search button and click search, and when the login name pops up there will be a “Request” button under the name.

If you don’t know your friend’s username, you can also search the Purdue Directory from the link on the page for his or her name and then return to the “Search for a roommate by Career Acct. Login” page and enter the login name then.

Your requested roommate will then get an email to his or her email address, as well as a red notification in the top right corner of the page in StarRez and a listing on the Main page of Roommate Selection. You will then get an email and notifications when your prospective roommate accepts or rejects your request.

3a. Search for a roommate you already know.

3b. Find a roommate through personal preferences.

If you don’t have anyone in mind to room with, you can find a roommate based on shared personal preferences under the “Search for a roommate by Personal Preferences” tab. All you have to do is enter the age of the roommate you would like to live with and click the search button. If you want to live with a traditional freshman, you would enter 17 or 18 (do not input a range of ages at once, just number at a time).

You will see the Career Account Login names of other students who don’t yet have roommates, ranked by similar personal preferences (as filled out in Step 1). Your compatibility is measured by the green bar across from the prospective roommate’s name. You can view the profiles of all the students in your search to see their answers to specific questions, and once you’ve chosen a roommate, click “Request” to ask that person to be your roommate.

Your requested roommate will then get an email to his or her email address, as well as a red notification in the top right corner of the page in StarRez and a listing on the Main page of Roommate Selection (from Step 2). You will then get an email and notifications when your prospective roommate accepts or rejects your request.

3b. Find a roommate through personal preferences.

4. Once your roommate has accepted, synchronize your Hall Rankings.

You’re almost there! Once you and your roommate have agreed to live together, the last step is to synchronize your Hall Rankings (from Step 8 of 13 in StarRez). To ensure your roommate request is granted, you MUST have identical hall rankings, from Preference 1 through Preference 7. You don’t want to choose Cary Quad and have your roommate accidentally end up at IU or something.

4. Once your roommate has accepted, synchronize your Hall Rankings.

That’s all there is to it! Housing assignments will be announced on or around July 15, 2014. Thanks for choosing Purdue University Residences. We look forward to seeing you this fall!

What You Need to Know About On- vs. Off-Campus Housing

So. You’re thinking about living off campus.

Ultimately only you can decide what works best for you and your lifestyle, but here are some pros and cons to get you thinking.

Pros of living on campus

  • Parking – Many spaces are available for your use across the residential campus.
  • Proximity – Since you’re close enough to walk or bike to classes, you don’t have to worry about finding street parking just to make it to class on time.
  • Meals – The dining courts are buffet style, which means you can always get enough to eat. Every day.
  • Homework help – Not that you can’t get homework help when you live off campus, but the chances of finding someone to help when you’re on campus are greater. And a quick trip to your TA’s office isn’t out of the question.
  • Recreation – Admittedly, most apartment complexes have at least a big screen TV or pool table in their clubhouses. But not all, so I’m leaving it on the pros list.
  • One bill – Instead of having to keep track of monthly rent, utilities and internet/cable, you just have the one housing bill every year.
  • Less cleaning – Your bathrooms are cleaned regularly. Nice not to have to worry about that, isn’t it? And no dishes!
  • Social life – It’s easier to make friends when you see people daily in close quarters. Feeling social? Leave your door open and see what happens. It’s that easy.
  • Leadership opportunities – You’ll have plenty of chances to get involved with your hall club.
  • Convenience – Everything you need is right here. If it costs more to live in the residence halls, it’s because you’re paying for time saved.

Cons of living on campus/Pros of living off campus

  • Rules of the hall – Any community must have expectations for the greater good of all.
  • Sharing space – Be it your room or bathroom, it’s always tough to share. (But you could always live in First Street Towers!)

Cons of living off campus

  • Calendar year contracts – You’ll be responsible for the apartment even when school is not in session.
  • Roommate conflicts – I hope you remembered to figure out who’s buying toilet paper and milk ahead of time. You’ll have to navigate problems without the help of your RA.
  • Unfurnished apartments – You might have to buy more furniture. And then move it out later.
  • More bills – As seen above, you’ll be paying for utilities and internet/cable in addition to your lease.
  • Commute – Will you take the bus? That’s fine, but you have to make sure you’re on time for their schedule. Will you drive? Good luck with parking.
  • Food – Groceries can cost a lot, and ramen or peanut butter and jelly gets really old really fast. And when would you make larger meals? It takes time.
  • You clean – I lucked out with a roommate who cleaned when she was stressed (often), but I hear that’s not usually the case.

In summary, living off campus might cost less in the long run, but what about food? And convenience? It seems to me like you’re paying for health (eating enough, eating good food) and time.

Consider these facts as well.

What haven’t I listed? What are your reasons for living on or off campus?