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#URSuccess Contest Winners 2015

Thank you to everyone who participated in the second annual #URSuccess contest! We received more than 100 incredible entries, making it tough for our panel of judges to choose these four winners.

Only students who are living in University Residences next year were eligible to win, and posts were judged on creativity, originality, and fitting the theme of success in University Residences.

First Place: Alex Hamlin (Shreve)

Alex filmed a Shreve 2-West floor program where the residents gather to brush their teeth together, Toothbrush Monday. The guys manage to make good oral hygiene a bonding experience. Alex won a customized dinner for 20 friends at the Athletic Dining Court.

Second Place: Drake Krohn (Cary Quad)

Drake captured the Swipe Out Starvation wall in Cary Quad, where each card represents money raised to help end starvation. Drake’s prize is a customized dinner for 15 friends in the Windsor Hall Kitchenette.

2nd Place - Drake Krohn

Third Place: Anna Francis (Shreve)

Anna and her friends showed off what’s great about Purdue’s campus. Anna will receive pizza and milkshakes for 10 friends at Harrison Grillé

Director’s Choice: Shreve 5-West (Shreve)

The gentlemen of Shreve 5-West contributed many #URSuccess posts, none better than a poster celebrating the service worker on their floor. Shreve 5-West will get a meal at the Sagamore Restaurant at Purdue Memorial Union.

Director's Choice - Shreve 5-West

#URSuccess Contest Rules

The ultimate goal of Purdue University Residences is student success. We at UR want to see that success, so we’re holding our second annual #URSuccess contest, where residents capture themselves or others being successful in University Residences or around campus. The winners get sweet prizes, so it’s worth your time.

Last year’s winner was a YouTube video of a resident rounding up friends and going sledding at Slayter Hill. Second place was an RA’s Instagram photo of a diversity-themed bulletin board, and the third place entry was a tweeted photo of a jam session in someone’s room in Cary Quad. We saw a lot of cool hall programs and plenty of our awesome dining courts.

Posts can be funny, or sentimental, or artistic, or even just a selfie. Post your interpretation of University Residences success on social media with the hashtag #URSuccess and you’re in the contest.

2014 #URSuccess First Place – Matt Tornquist, Cary Quad


1. An entry can be text, image, video, vine, meme – anything on social media that includes the hashtag #URSuccess.

2. Entries must be posted by March 31, 2015, by 5 p.m.

3. You must be currently enrolled at Purdue and plan to live on campus next year. Only entries posted by students who have signed a housing contract for 2015-16 by the deadline (March 31) are eligible to win prizes.

4. Your legal name must be listed on your profile or included in your post. We have to know your name to give you a prize.

5. Your post settings must be set to “public”  or we can’t see it. We have to see it to give you a prize.

Third Place - Stephanie Leeth, Hillenbrand

2014 #URSuccess Second Place – Stephanie Leeth, Hillenbrand


Entries will be judged by a team of administrators, and prizes will be awarded based on creativity and originality.

First Place: Customized dinner for you and 20 friends at the Athletic Dining Room – you get to work with a Purdue Dining & Catering chef to select your personalized meal! Your favorite foods will be prepared by a professional chef.

Second Place: Customized dinner for you and 15 friends in the Windsor Hall Kitchenette, personalized to your tastes and prepared by a professional chef.

Third Place: Pizza and milkshakes at Harrison Grillé for you and 10 friends.

Winners will be contacted by April 6 through their Purdue email address or the social media platform from which they posted. You will have until April 10 at 5 p.m. to respond to your notification, or your prize will be forfeited. Once you respond, University Residences staff will contact you to coordinate the details of your event, which will take place during the spring semester of 2015. No cash value can be exchanged for your prize if you win.

Nichol Wuertemberger

 2014 #URSuccess Third Place – Nichol Wuertemberger, Cary Quad

Gingerbread Contest

Take a stroll this week through the student lounges by the Great Hall of Purdue Memorial Union and gaze at the gallery of edible edifices on display, constructed by teams of students and staff from campus dining courts and caterers. These candied citadels are entries in the 2014 Gingerbread Contest – see the gallery on the PMU Facebook page!

This year’s theme is “Tunes of Christmas,” and each gingerbread house was judged by a panel of Housing & Food Services administrators and voted on by students and staff. The panel is evaluating entries for appearance, creativity, detail, difficulty, adherence to the theme and student/staff participation. Fans could vote based on whatever criteria they choose, such as which house you’d most like to take a bite out of. Eating the entries on site is possible, but discouraged until everyone’s had a chance to see them.

The primary rules given to participating organizations (all five residential dining courts, the Athletic Dining Room, PMU Catering and the Central Production Kitchen (CPK)) are that (1) all components of the houses must be made of edible products, with exceptions for the base and any battery-operated devices (such as lights). Edible materials include candies, nuts, cereal, crackers, pasta, ice cream cones, pretzel sticks, gum, etc., and (2) that student workers most do a minimum of 50 percent of the design and construction.

The panel judged the gingerbread houses Dec. 10 and will award ribbons for first, second and third place. Earhart Dining Court is the defending champion and home to the traveling trophy. The judges’ first place winner will receive a bowling and pizza party at PMU and a $1,000 prize to be used in the dining operation. The people’s choice winner also receives a traveling trophy, with Hillenbrand Dining Court the reigning winner of the fan vote.

The winners will be announced Friday afternoon on Dec. 12.

#HealthyBoiler Contest Rules

Purdue Dining & Catering believes healthy Boilers are happy Boilers, so to promote healthy habits on campus we’re holding a #HealthyBoiler social media contest. All you have to do is share a photo on social media of a healthy activity (like eating your vegetables or going for a walk) with the hashtag #HealthyBoiler and you’re eligible to win prizes!

Entries will be judged by a team of administrators, with prizes awarded for posts that creatively convey the message of #HealthyBoiler. Visit for information on healthy eating and much more.


  1. Each entry must be published on a social media platform with an image and the hashtag #HealthyBoiler.
  1. Entries will be considered on a monthly basis for the months November, January, February and March. To be eligible for that month’s prize, an entry must be posted within that month.
  1. You must be a current full-time student at Purdue. Your full name must be listed either on your profile or included in your post so that we can verify your enrollment.
  1. Your profile/post settings must be set to public.

The four monthly winners will receive a free Healthy Boiler T-shirt!

Winners will receive their award during fall semester of 2014 or spring of 2015. Students will be notified of their winnings via the social media platform used to post. Staff will then work with the student to deliver the prize. If participants do not respond to notification within 30 days, the prize will be forfeited. No cash value can be exchanged for prizes.

30 Reasons to be a Boilermaker

@ResLifeAtPurdue has been counting down the days until the first day of class with a different reason to come to Purdue each day on Twitter, #30ReasonsToBeABoilermaker across the final month of the summer. Catch up on the whole list here and follow along until Aug. 25, the first day of the fall semester.

30. Our mascot can run your mascot over. #TheSpecial

29. No one wants to go to a school named after a Disney movie. #FightingQuasimodos

28. With frozen winters comes frozen tuition – Purdue tuition won’t increase from 2012-16! #TreatYoSelf

27. Ohio State puts its best 22 people on a football field. Purdue puts its best 22 people into space. #RocketMan

26. Because of days like this #CloudNine


25. How many IU freshmen does it take to change a light bulb? Actually none, that’s a second-year course. #LiteBrite

24. Because dressing up for Halloween every Saturday morning isn’t appreciated anywhere else. #BreakfastClub

23. Students aren’t required to live on campus, but more than a third do anyway because it’s awesome. #CampusCribs

22. Because Purdue students know how to study #BestPartOfWakingUp


21. Purdue is getting a food truck this fall, and nothing tastes better than food traveling 40 mph. #FastFood

20. Purdue had the third-highest number of international students of any university in 2012-13. #GlobalCampus

 19. US News & World Report ranked Purdue in its Top 10 Up-and-Coming Universities in 2014. #OneBrickHigher

 18. Boilermakers have participated in the last 15 Super Bowls, second-best streak of any school. #BreesAndFriends

 17. The research firm Lumosity ranked West Lafayette as the third-smartest city in the country. #GetSmart

 16. Purdue didn’t pick its mascot out of a comic book. #MichiganMan

 15. Orville Redenbacher paid his way to Purdue by selling homegrown popcorn – now the world’s most famous popcorn!

14. Purdue awards $560 million in financial aid each year…more money than the GDP of several small countries.

13. There are three Nobel Prize-winning professors currently at Purdue and 13 winners all-time with ties here.

12. Purdue has teamed up with Amazon to provide cheaper textbooks and class materials.

11. Purdue’s five-story, state of the art #CoRec won a NIRSA Outstanding Sports Facility Award in 2014. #GetFit

10. Purdue has more than 400 study abroad opportunities in 60 different countries! #Globetrotters

9. Several time capsules are buried on campus, including one at the Bell Tower to be opened in 2095. #StickAround

8. Because this guy’s a Boilermaker #MoonMan


7. Purdue’s Discovery Park surpassed $1 billion in research investments this year. #BestAndBrightestMinds

6. The food is so good! Don’t take our word for it, see what students say

5. Eight new campus facilities opened in 2014, from a res hall to a cancer research center

4. Purdue has implemented enhanced public safety measures on campus 

3. Campus is beautiful! That matters, you do have to look at it for four years…

Purdue 092712omara

2. Campus is fun! Even/especially in the snow #SlayterSledding

1. Because YOU are here. You chose Purdue, so every other school is second best! Happy first day of class!

May Of-the-Month Awards

Purdue has five Of-the-Month campus winners for the month of May, as well as three regional winners. Not only did the Boilermakers have a strong regional showing last month, but at the end-of-year national conference, Purdue was recognized for having the most points in the Great Lakes region, as well as the fourth-most in the whole country!


Regional winners:


Congratulations and thanks to all the res life staff members who worked so hard this year!


The Year in Photos: 2013-14 Res Life

The 2013-14 school year has come to an end! Thanks everyone for making it another great year on campus at Purdue. Take a look at all that went on in res life, from back-to-school cookouts to end-of-year dances and everything in between!

Finding a Roommate in Purdue’s StarRez Portal

If you’re reading this, you got into Purdue and decided to live on campus. Both good choices! The next thing you’ll do if you haven’t already is find a roommate, the person with whom you’ll share space and time and if you’re lucky, toothpaste when you run out. That’s what friends are for.

Finding a roommate in Purdue’s StarRez online portal may seem daunting, but it’s actually pretty easy. In fact, you’ve probably already done the first step.

1. Fill out the Personal Preferences page.

This is Step 11 of 13 in the StarRez site, a simple questionnaire that will help match you with a compatible roommate.

1. Fill out the Personal Preferences page.

2. Decide whether to live with someone you know or someone new.

Go to Step 12 of 13 in the StarRez portal, where you’ll see instructions on selecting a roommate. There are two tabs to choose from, “Search for a roommate by Career Acct. Login” if you already know the person you want to live with, or “Search for a roommate by Personal Preferences” if you need to find a roommate.

2. Decide whether to live with someone you know or someone new.

3a. Search for a roommate you already know.

There are two ways to search for a roommate in the StarRez portal if you already know who you want to live with. First, you can ask your friend for his or her Career Account Login, which was assigned when he or she was accepted to the university. Enter that into the search button and click search, and when the login name pops up there will be a “Request” button under the name.

If you don’t know your friend’s username, you can also search the Purdue Directory from the link on the page for his or her name and then return to the “Search for a roommate by Career Acct. Login” page and enter the login name then.

Your requested roommate will then get an email to his or her email address, as well as a red notification in the top right corner of the page in StarRez and a listing on the Main page of Roommate Selection. You will then get an email and notifications when your prospective roommate accepts or rejects your request.

3a. Search for a roommate you already know.

3b. Find a roommate through personal preferences.

If you don’t have anyone in mind to room with, you can find a roommate based on shared personal preferences under the “Search for a roommate by Personal Preferences” tab. All you have to do is enter the age of the roommate you would like to live with and click the search button. If you want to live with a traditional freshman, you would enter 17 or 18 (do not input a range of ages at once, just number at a time).

You will see the Career Account Login names of other students who don’t yet have roommates, ranked by similar personal preferences (as filled out in Step 1). Your compatibility is measured by the green bar across from the prospective roommate’s name. You can view the profiles of all the students in your search to see their answers to specific questions, and once you’ve chosen a roommate, click “Request” to ask that person to be your roommate.

Your requested roommate will then get an email to his or her email address, as well as a red notification in the top right corner of the page in StarRez and a listing on the Main page of Roommate Selection (from Step 2). You will then get an email and notifications when your prospective roommate accepts or rejects your request.

3b. Find a roommate through personal preferences.

4. Once your roommate has accepted, synchronize your Hall Rankings.

You’re almost there! Once you and your roommate have agreed to live together, the last step is to synchronize your Hall Rankings (from Step 8 of 13 in StarRez). To ensure your roommate request is granted, you MUST have identical hall rankings, from Preference 1 through Preference 7. You don’t want to choose Cary Quad and have your roommate accidentally end up at IU or something.

4. Once your roommate has accepted, synchronize your Hall Rankings.

That’s all there is to it! Housing assignments will be announced on or around July 15, 2014. Thanks for choosing Purdue University Residences. We look forward to seeing you this fall!