#URSuccess Contest Winners

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the third annual #URSuccess contest! More than 100 incredible entries were received from over 50 individuals, creating a tough time for our panel of judges to choose these five winners.

Only students who are registered to live in University Residences next year were eligible to win. Posts were judged on creativity, originality, and showcasing the theme of success in University Residences.

First Place: Nicholas Sabatini (Shreve, recontracted in Cary Quad)

Nicholas filmed “Shrevival” to show how to survive while living in Shreve Hall. He managed to set up camp, find a water source, and go hunting throughout the video. Nicholas was awarded free housing for Fall 2016 semester for showcasing how he is successful on campus!

Second Place: Matt Cunningham (Shreve, recontracted in Third Street)

Matt showed what living in Shreve was like for him and his friends this year. By recreating Pure Michigan’s famous commercial for his floor 6-West, he made it to the winners list and will receive a free meal plan for the Fall 2016 semester.

Third Place: Jamila Hachlaf (Shreve, recontracted in Honors College)

Jamila captured the essence of creating a community on campus with a slideshow of pictures featuring the friends she has made while studying at Purdue. Jamila’s prize is a free parking pass for the 2016-2017 school year!

[Jamila Hachlaf][1:22:16] 2 screenshot.png

Fourth Place: Will Baud (Shreve, recontracted in Shreve)

Will filmed Shreve 4-West having a Viking Floor Dinner at Earhart Dining Court with their Faculty Fellow, Jason Ware, and his kids. Will presented and enforced the 3 rules for a Viking Dinner: no utensils, no cups, and viking noises. Will has won pizza and milkshakes at Harrison Grillé for the whole floor!

Res Life Staff Award: Hyesoo Chae (Shreve, RA in Honors College next year)

Hyesoo has won two tickets to a Convos show and dinner at the Sagamore Restaurant. Hyesoo was awarded this prize because the residents on her floor produced the most entries for the contest.

[Hyesoo Chae][1:24:16].png

Congratulations to all of the winners of this year’s #URSuccess Contest!


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