#URSuccess Contest Winners 2015

Thank you to everyone who participated in the second annual #URSuccess contest! We received more than 100 incredible entries, making it tough for our panel of judges to choose these four winners.

Only students who are living in University Residences next year were eligible to win, and posts were judged on creativity, originality, and fitting the theme of success in University Residences.

First Place: Alex Hamlin (Shreve)

Alex filmed a Shreve 2-West floor program where the residents gather to brush their teeth together, Toothbrush Monday. The guys manage to make good oral hygiene a bonding experience. Alex won a customized dinner for 20 friends at the Athletic Dining Court.

Second Place: Drake Krohn (Cary Quad)

Drake captured the Swipe Out Starvation wall in Cary Quad, where each card represents money raised to help end starvation. Drake’s prize is a customized dinner for 15 friends in the Windsor Hall Kitchenette.

2nd Place - Drake Krohn

Third Place: Anna Francis (Shreve)

Anna and her friends showed off what’s great about Purdue’s campus. Anna will receive pizza and milkshakes for 10 friends at Harrison Grillé

Director’s Choice: Shreve 5-West (Shreve)

The gentlemen of Shreve 5-West contributed many #URSuccess posts, none better than a poster celebrating the service worker on their floor. Shreve 5-West will get a meal at the Sagamore Restaurant at Purdue Memorial Union.

Director's Choice - Shreve 5-West

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