What Incoming Purdue Students Should Know


Purdue is amazing. You’re coming here, so you know what I’m talking about. Even though navigating your undergrad can be rough, Purdue is full of wonderful surprises and experiences if you just know where to look. Here’s a list of the things I wish someone had told me when I started:

  •  Take advantage of events on campus. There’s always something going on here, usually free or at a discount for students. Check out @PSUBEVENTS or @ResLifeAtPurdue on Twitter for the latest info on free movies, concerts, improv shows, food drives, guest lectures and more.
  •  Libraries have the best places to study. You’ve probably seen the great study areas in HSSE and Hicks, but have you been to the stacks in HSSE? I’ve always found it to be much quieter there and more conducive to holing up for hours on end. The basement in the Siegesmund engineering library is similarly silent. So go ahead. Check out this map and get your nerd on.
  •  Find an internship, part-time job or volunteer work in your interest area. I didn’t do any internships until my senior year, and starting earlier than that is consequently something I would recommend for anyone. Internships gave me a better feel for what my area of study was all about and even helped in a few of my classes. View the page at the Center for Career Opportunities here and the employment page here to start your search. Don’t have a specific area in mind? The CCO can help you with that, too! This site relates your personality and interests to the various majors at Purdue. Still not satisfied? Stop by the CCO in Stewart Center to speak to a counselor, who can assist you with anything from beginning the exploration process to arranging a personality test for more concrete results.
  •  Join a club, attend a guest lecture or take a class that’s completely outside your comfort zone. I went through three majors and had what I considered a very balanced dose of Purdue (friends in many different programs, locations, and clubs), but I’m still exploring the many sides of Purdue. There’s always more to learn! Check out PurdueBoard and GetInvolved for info on upcoming callouts and events, or check the bulletin boards on your way to class.

If you have any questions about starting at Purdue, feel free to comment below. I’m sure you have a ton of information coming at you right now, so if I can help you at all, let me know!

Upperclassmen: What are some things on campus you wish you’d known about sooner? What are the best places you’ve found to study/nap/snack?

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