Things to Do: Winter Edition

Did you know that when you Google “winter activities Indiana” at least 75% of the results have to do with Christmas and snow? It’s true. Even Google agrees there’s nothing worthwhile to do if we’re snowless between December 26th and spring break.

Makes me cold just to look at it.
An all-too-familiar sight.

Fortunately for you, I’ve assembled a list of things to do here in the Lafayette area when there’s no snow, and most of them are indoors! And since I know how easy it is to say, “Oh, I should do that!” and then never follow through, I’ve also included specific details so you can make it happen.

  1. Have a Disney/retro movie night, complete with pajamas, blankets and hot chocolate. Your residence hall main office probably has a good selection of DVDs. And there are at least two RedBoxes on campus that I know of, plus the Hicks Undergraduate library. (Did you know they have movies? No Disney movies, though.) My personal recommendations: The Sandlot, Star Wars (original trilogy, obviously), Robin Hood and The Emperor’s New Groove.
  2. Board/card games. If the main office of your residence hall isn’t one that offers board games and none of your friends or floor-mates have anything to borrow (nobody has Apples to Apples or a deck of cards? Really?), well… Walmart is only a bus ride (1B or 4B) away. Recommendations: Scattergories, Spoons and Spades.
  3. Billiards/bowling night. I’m not sure if having a pool table is a requirement for residence halls, but it seems like they all do; I can’t think of an exception at the moment. If you’d rather go elsewhere, the Union Rack and Roll (in PMU) has $2 unlimited billiards every Wednesday and Xtreme Bowling (glow-in-the-dark bowling) every Friday night after 9.
  4. Concerts and other events. Purdue Bands and Orchestras offers free concerts every few weeks. Check out Purdue Student Union Board at their site or on Twitter to see other upcoming events on campus.
  5. Art Museum of Greater Lafayette. It’s at 102 South Tenth Street, open from 11 a.m-4 p.m. every single day (except for holidays) and current exhibits are listed here. The museum is accessible via CityBus’s Trolley line.
  6. Campus art galleries. You’ve probably passed at least one of these, but have you ever gone in? The Robert L. Ringel Gallery is across from Fowler Hall in Stewart Center and the Patti and Rusty Rueff Galleries are in PAO. The current exhibit in Stewart Center, “Trains that Passed in the Night,” looks really interesting.
  7. Ice skating on the levee at the Riverside Skating Center, which is now open for the season. I’m not sure when the season ends, but considering Indiana winters tend to drag on, I’m guessing it’s not anytime soon. You have plenty of time to get on the ice! Admission is $4 per person per session, and skates are $2 to rent. Their hours are pretty particular and might be confusing if I wrote them out, so I’ll let you see for yourself on the website. Guess what? The Trolley will take you there, maybe after your trip to the art museum.

    Courtesy of the Greater Lafayette website:
    See? So much fun. 🙂

So there you have it. New things to try, no snow required. What do you and your friends do for fun when it’s nasty cold out?

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