Gingerbread Contest!

The Gingerbread Competition Voting is now CLOSED.
Thanks to everyone for participating and to our wonderful dining staff for all of their hard work! The winner will be announced Monday! BOILER UP!

When I say “the best part of the holidays,” you say…

The food. Obviously. What else are the holidays about?

Only joking. We know that family time and having a break from classes is important, too. But that warm, cozy, happy image isn’t complete without the smell of food. Lots of food. And as we all know, dessert is the best part. At Purdue’s Housing and Food Services, we want to encourage holiday spirit and get you ready for winter break by holding a gingerbread competition among our dining operations, and we need your help to determine the winners!

Each of the dining courts, the Athletic Dining Room, Central Production Kitchen and Pappy’s Sweet Shop is responsible for building a gingerbread structure, and everyone has been instructed to make them as awesome as possible. How else will they win your vote and the first annual gingerbread contest?

There will be two categories:

  1. Best Structure: decided by a panel of judges.
  2. Popular Vote: determined by you!

The rules are simple. All you need to do is choose the structure you think should win this year’s gingerbread competition at this survey. Or, if you’re a survey-hater, you can participate on Facebook. Go to the ‘Gingerbread Competition’ album on University Residences at Purdue’s profile and like your favorite picture! Please only like one of the entries so we can be fair to all contestants.

Got it? Just to be clear, go to

this link to participate via survey

or this link to participate via Facebook by liking your favorite picture.

Get out the vote and hurry! The contest is only running for a short time from Dec. 5 at 2 p.m. – Dec. 6 at 5 p.m.!

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