Fall Fun

Smell that? That wonderful concoction of coming winter, dried and dying leaves, and occasional piles of burning leaves? It’s fall, and these days (including the wonky weather) are the epitome of it. This weekend may be the last of the good weather!  So grab your jacket and head outside — it’s time for some fun! Here’s what I suggest:

  • Jump in a pile of leaves! Remember the smell and feel of hundreds of leaves around you, and the sun peeking through from above? Happy Hollow Park and reliving your childhood are only a bus ride away.
  • Take a walk through Hort Park. There are other nature walks in the area, but this is the closest and (maybe I’m biased) the best.
  • Make peanut butter sandwiches! They’re the perfect complement to chili, which is basically the official fall food. You can get everything you need at the BoilerJunction in Tarkington or the BoilerCrossing in Meredith.
  • Play touch football at the intramural fields.
  • Tailgate. There’s only one more home game: November 24 (vs. IU). Did you hear me? Only one more chance to tailgate this season and show your school spirit! So Boiler Up!

What fall activities do you love?

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