Pep Talk Time!

College is nothing if not about learning. And of course I don’t only mean classes; many great life experiences will help you grow during your time here as well. This is what I had to realize when I started at Purdue:

Nobody’s going to hold your hand and walk you through the process. Nobody checks up on you to make sure you’re doing everything correctly and absorbing the material you should. It’s all up to you. You choose whether to show up for class or not. You choose your study hours. You choose your priorities. Ultimately, you choose how the next four (or more) years will go.

Depending on your attitude today or your overall personality, that paragraph either excited you or made you want to crawl back in bed and stay there for a few days or years. If it’s the former, way to go! You might be ready for this. If it’s the latter, read on – there’s good news!

We’re here to help you! Campus is large and it’s easy to feel anonymous, alone and overwhelmed. But your RA and the clerks and administrators in your hall are here for you. There’s a reason they work here: they want to get to know people just like you. They want to see you succeed. Ask them about study groups, let them know that you’re having a rough time, or just enjoy a friendly face.

Sometimes when you’re stressed or (on the flip side) overly excited about new opportunities, it’s easy to become apathetic toward your obligations. But you’re going to get out of these classes what you put into them, so try to remember that they are the primary reason you’re here!

It’s a lot of responsibility, and nobody is saying it will be easy. But this is one of the greatest opportunities you have right now; this is the time to make yourself into the person you’ve always wanted to be. What’s holding you back? Every year, semester, week and day is a new start.

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