More Spring Fest!

As you found out from our last post, Spring Fest 2012 will be held this weekend from 10 am to 4 pm. There are some new items being added to Spring Fest’s itinerary this year along with some old favorites.

  • There will be an unwanted medication drop off. This is for your medications that are expired or you no longer need. By dropping them off here instead of your trash can, it ensures safe disposal. This will be at the Heine Pharmacy Building from 10 am – 2 pm on Saturday.
  • The Department of Religious Studies is also new to Spring Fest this year. They will be giving information and holding activities based on Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.
  • The Department of Animal Sciences will be hosting the Boiler Barnyard. There will be live animals at this event along with activities. You can also enjoy watching the sheep shearing demonstrations and milking a dairy cow.
  • The Purdue Bug Bowl is a large crowd-pleaser. Many activities will be held within the Bug Bowl, just to name a few:
    • Art contest
    • Cockroach Racing
    • Insect Petting Zoo
    • Monarch Butterfly Exhibit
    • Boiler Bug Barn
    • Face Painting
    • Roach Motel
    • Honey Tasting
    • Insects as Food
    • Cricket Spitting Contest
  • There will also be other events at Purdue this weekend. The Challenge 5k Walk/Run will be taking place on Saturday for Purdue Center for Cancer Research. Dia de la Familia will be going on, on Saturday at the Latino Cultural Center. For you Purdue Football fans there will be the free Purdue Football Spring Game at Ross Ade Stadium on Saturday at 1 pm.

This event has numerous events for friends, family and kids of all ages. Invite your families or friends and show them how much fun you can have at Purdue! More information on events, schedules, parking, etc. can be found at

See you there!

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