How Do You Show Your Leadership?

Standing out from the crowd is an important asset for a Purdue student. We all want to be special and different from others. A way to stand out in person and on paper (for instance, in a resume) is to show how you have proven your leadership abilities. Purdue offers multiple ways to show the leader that you are and can become.

1. Leadership in University Residences. Becoming an RA with University Residences is a great way to showcase your leadership, problem solving and communication skills. It also aids you after college when looking for a job. The traits you can gain when being an RA are very desirable to hiring managers. Think of your opportunities. Not to mention the perks of being an RA!

2. Leadership roles in University Clubs. Becoming involved in University recognized clubs and/or organizations is an important part of being an active student at your school. Once you are involved in these clubs moving your way up the leadership ladder is a great way to show your leadership mobility. Another positive of becoming involved in clubs that interest you, think of the friends and skills you will gain!

3. Leadership opportunities at your part-time job. A majority of students supplement their money situation by getting a part-time job. Not only does this give you money to spend or pay bills with, it also shows a sense of responsibility and work ethic towards your education. Employers like to see that you took your education and your time off seriously. By taking your part-time job to the next level and moving up the ladder it exhibits your leadership skills.

There are many ways to show leadership and these are just 3 simple ways. How do you show your leadership qualities?

Happy Leading!

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