Why Should You Follow University Residences’ Social Media?

Following our many forms of communication can not only help you see what we are doing to help you have the best home at Purdue but they are also places for you to communicate your wants, needs and concerns. We want to hear your thoughts! It gives us things to be proud of and others to work on.

We have many forms of social media for you to interact with us on:

Facebook: This is a great way to communicate with us through out the day. We post news stories relating to residents, updates on events, photos and more detailed information for our friends. Facebook.com/UniversityResidences

Twitter: We are on Twitter most of the day and some of the night, especially when big events are happening. This is a way to interact with us and see who else is communicating with University Residences. We post relevant links, news stories, Re-Tweet information for our resident followers and we love to interact with our followers! This is a great way to ask  a quick question or see what’s going on on campus that night. If you ever have questions, comments or information you want Re-Tweeted simply tweet us @ResLifeAtPurdue and we will quickly help you!

Blog: This form of communication is to interact with you but is also to produce content for student’s living the University Residences life. There are usually 2-3 blog posts per week and the subject matter varies. It always comes back to life in University Residences! We always want to hear your comments on our posts or if you have any ideas for future posts. Reslifeatpurdue.edu

Webpage: Our webpage has a HUGE amount of resources for you and your parents. There is information about Residence Halls, student employment, dining options and so much more. There is also a Voice Your Vote poll that changes every Monday. These answers help us to make your stay in University Residences a better experience! Housing.Purdue.edu

Try following one or all of our social media sites! You won’t be disappointed!

Happy Following!

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