Stress Got You Down?

The time of thinking about the end of the semester has begun. Usually this is met with stress, anxiety or the worst – procrastination. I am going to give you the right tools to fight all of these “End of the Year Symptoms.”

Stress and Anxiety: These are some of the worst symptoms. Not only do you feel anxious but they can physically make you sick if you don’t try to fight them. Break outs, stomach aches or eventually more serious side effects can happen. There are some easy ways to fight stress and anxiety that are  not time consuming and easy to follow.

  •  Eat right. I know sometimes this is difficult but even improving one side dish to a veggie or fruit can help. Many healthy foods contain natural stress fighting ingredients. Now, we all know the dining courts have awesome mac n cheese, Oreo pie and wet burritos and you don’t have to give those up. Try adding an apple or small salad along with your Oreo pie. You’ll feel better about your choices and your body will be happy too!
  • Try a stress relieving activity. On days when you’re really feeling the pressure, try doing something to dispel that negative energy. Walking, jogging, Frisbee, biking, etc. are all great examples of fun ways to help get rid of some of that stress.
  • Visit CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services). Sometimes you just need someone to talk to who can help you through the rough times. CAPS has many services to help students deal with stress and other problems. Some include individual counseling, conjoint counseling, group experiences, psychiatric services and more. To contact CAPS call 765-494-6995, Mon.-Fri. between 8am and 5pm.

Procrastination: I am no fool or stranger when it comes to procrastination. When I look back on how it effected my grades and stress levels I wish I could have found more ways to fight it. There is no easy way to make yourself get focused and stay focused. Here are some tips that can aid you in your fight!

  • Take breaks. When you’re studying for hours it is difficult on you and your body if you don’t let your mind rest every couple hours. When I studied, I would study for two hours and then take a 15 minute break. Take a walk around Hicks, get a Coke or just check Facebook. You’ll feel recharged and ready to go after each break.
  • Give yourself time each day to relax and do something just for you. Watch a favorite TV show, go to a performance on campus or hang out with friends. Doing this each day will help you stay focused when you need to be.
  • Make a schedule. Having a schedule and getting into a habit of studying and taking time for yourself will help you and your body know when it’s time to study and when it’s time to relax.

Following some of these tools that work best for you will help you in your last stretch of school. Making and keeping healthy habits now will help you through out college and beyond!

Happy Tuesday!

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