Summer Fun…And Work.

The summer is coming (even though it feels like it is already here!) A majority of you will want a summer job to make some extra cash or to save up for the next school year. While working at the local ice cream shop or gym can be fun and easy, now is the time to build your resume. By participating in jobs or events that are of interest to your area of study you will maximize your experiences…and your resume will be buff!

Try spring Job Fairs. These aren’t just for seniors looking to graduate, most of the time any level of student can attend these free events. In the spring, there tends to be a large amount of job fairs held in April. These fairs have all types of jobs, not just full-time, college graduate careers. For instance, if you are thinking about a certain engineering field, go to an engineering job fair. Meet the recruiters and inquire about internships or other opportunities. The recruiters are not there to intimidate you. They love meeting new people and it is their job to answer your questions. Always bring a resume to these events. This helps recruiters remember you and helps them to hand your resume off to the right people.

If job fairs aren’t for you and you want a “fun” job this summer…try summer camps. Having a camp counselor position on your resume shows many different experience levels. Not only do you get to make friends and play outside all day, you get paid to do it! Most of the time you will have housing and food for free as well. This is a great resume builder and a way to network with people from around the world.

The Center for Career Opportunities is a great resource for students! They will help you build your resume. Not only that, but they also have resources to help you find internships and jobs. If you are stuck in looking for a job you really want to enjoy, the CCO can help you find the right path towards your career!

These are just some options to aid in your search for summer work. There are so many resources out there to help students. If you have any suggestions for other students, comment and let them know!

Happy Job Hunting!

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