What’s After This Week?

Unfortunately, the end of Spring Break is coming. Breaks tend to fly by but hopefully you got all the rest, relaxation and fun you needed! So, now what? There is this month and a half between you and Summer vacation. Focus is most likely not the top priority on your list. Here are some ways to enjoy this last stretch and stay on track!

Make a schedule. This will help you stay on track and keep the distractions at bay. I know that the weather, Pinterest and Facebook sound much more fun than reading and making note cards. By making a schedule of when you will be studying and when you will have free time to relax, see friends or do whatever you want it will help to keep you productive. Making studying times at your most awake and productive hours will also help you get the most out of your time.

Go outside. Come out of hibernation. Indiana is actually experiencing nice weather and it’s time to enjoy it! If you have a couple chapters in that pesky textbook that need finishing, take them outside. As long as you stay on track and finish what you need to there is no reason you can’t study out in the sunshine! Take a friend and a blanket and enjoy one of the grassy spots at Purdue!

Don’t take too much on. Finals are scary and now is about the time that people begin to obsess. If you start now you can make a study plan that has reasonable sleeping, eating and socializing hours. It is important to not load yourself down with stress. Take a couple hours each day to do something you enjoy. Go on a walk, play with your pet or go to dinner with friends. Everyone needs time to unwind!

Following these things can really help you balance your life and school. Try adding one in every few days so you don’t overwhelm yourself. These are just some tips that could help you stay on track. Do you have any other advice? Let us know! We love comments!

Happy Studying!

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