Staying Healthy on Spring Break…

Going to a warm and fun filled destination on Spring Break is most likely the number one thing on everyone’s minds right now. I have to admit I am extremely jealous of all of you! When you arrive at your desired Spring Break destination, whether it’s Cancun or Minnesota, you’re first priority is not ‘how will I stay healthy this week.’ Yet, this is a very important issue. When our focus is set to FUN, we tend to ignore things that can potentially keep us healthy and happy. I will go over a few easy tips to add to your Spring Break to keep you and your friends healthy and ready for fun!

One: Drink as much (clean) water as you can get your hands on. Chances are this will not be your drink of choice but water can really keep your immune system in top shape. When you’re in a different place with different bacteria and viruses, having an immune system able to fight off sickness is extremely desirable! This is especially important if you plan on spending a majority of your time in the sun. Dehydration is not fun and if not taken care of can lead to a hospital trip.

Two: This is simple and may seem silly at first but it is very common. Be careful with local cuisine (especially when in a different country.) I am the first person to say I love trying new foods and your Spring Break will put you in an adventurous mood. Be sure to use your senses when eating local foods; scent, look, feeling and taste. If it smells, looks, feels or tastes funny it probably has something in it that will not agree with your stomach. No one wants food poisoning or stomach issues on Vacation!

Three: Proper attire. Whether you’re skiing or laying on the beach think about your skin. In cold climates, staying warm and wearing the correct amount of clothing will help to keep you healthy and again keep that immune system up and running. In warm climates, a majority of you want to come back to school tanned, proving your tropical experiences. Sunburns can become very serious if not prevented and taken care of. Wear the appropriate amount of sun block. You will still get Vitamin D from the sun, it will just be in healthy amounts. Bad sunburns can give you a fever, blisters and even cause you to get sick. That does not sound like a fun Vacation.

Stay safe on your break and remember these three easy tips to staying healthy!

One more day!!

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