Spring Break!

This week I want to talk about all the ways to have a fun, awesome and safe Spring Break. I completely understand the excitement and the “I just want to have fun and not think about anything,” part of Spring Break. This is my first year without one since Kindergarten. Let me tell you, Reality Check! I don’t want to lecture you about what you can and cannot do. I just want to help guide you to prevent some potential Spring Break disasters.

Tip #1: Emergency Contacts. This seems simple and redundant but you’d be surprised how helpful and well it works. Pick out two people you would like someone to call in case of an emergency, i.e. hospital, sickness, etc. Let’s say you choose your mom and dad. Put their numbers in your phone as 1Emergency Contact and 2Emergency Contact. The numbers will ensure that the names come up first in your contact list if someone is looking through your phone to find out who to call. Also, if you have a lock designated on your phone it would be wise to turn it off for Spring Break. That way if there is an emergency people can get to your contact information.

Tip #2: Destination. Make sure someone knows where you are going at all times. This means if you are going to the pop machine on the next floor of your hotel or to the store down the street, tell one of your friends. This goes along with the “buddy system.” If you’re going somewhere far from your group, take someone with you. Chances are someone will want to go with you. It’s important to remember where ever your destination, you are not at Purdue. You do not know your way around Mexico, Florida, etc. as well as you do Purdue. It’s easy to fall into a trusting mood when you’re relaxing on the beach. Just remember, to think before you act.

Tip #3: Drinking. In most Spring Break destinations, out of the country, the drinking age is lower than the United States. If you are of legal age and are going to enjoy some beverages on the beach or at the bar remember these few things. Make sure to drink water in between drinks. The worst thing in a warm climate is dehydration and alcohol speeds up that process dramatically. Be aware of your surroundings. Unfortunately, not everyone is nice and classy like us, Boilermakers. Some people take advantage of Spring Breakers. Be aware of who is around you and where you are. And last, make sure you buy your own drinks…ladies. This can apply to anyone but I know as a lady it comes up a lot, keeping an eye on your drink and making sure you are the only one to touch it can keep you and your friends safe.

I hope that you will take these few tips under consideration for your trip to Puerto-where ever you’re going. We will talk about more Spring Break things through out the week. Get excited (like I need to tell you!)

5 Days!

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