Making Friends Can Help Me After College?

Let’s talk about making friends. Of course, this year is almost over with and I’d be willing to bet that you have already made friends. What I want to talk about is maintaining relationships and the positive effect it can have on you after graduation. In the current job market, it’s about 25% of your skills and 75% about who you know. So the more people you know them ore help you professionally and personally receive. I am going to talk with you about how to maintain relationships using social media and how to cultivate more relationships as well.

Facebook, an obvious “friend” service. Facebook can help you maintain personal relationships but also give your friends insight into your other interests. If they see that you “liked” a computer programming page they will begin to know more about your interests. Once someone associates certain interests with you they will be more likely to remember you when the subject of computer programming arises. For instance, their boss mentions they are looking for a new programmer at their workplace. Your friend may mention the position to you or give their boss your name. This and many other situations will help you now and in the future.

LinkedIn, a professional Facebook. It’s a place where you can upload your resume, examples of work and to put your name out there to other professionals. This, in my opinion is one of the best places to maintain professional relationships. LinkedIn will not only help you build relationships professionally, but it is also a place to look for jobs, internships, summer work, etc. LinkedIn is also a place where you can connect with professionals you know and don’t know. Don’t be afraid to send a message to a person of interest in your career field of choice. People love to talk about themselves and they may help you in the future. Professionals are beginning to use social media sites to fill positions as well. Not only will this site help you after you graduate but it may just land you that internship you’ve been searching for.

Twitter, professional and personal. Twitter is a good mix of the personal aspect of Facebook and the professional aspect of LinkedIn. You can follow respected individuals in your field and begin to build relationships with them and those that also follow them. Just by tweeting about subjects you are interested in can tell professionals that you are interested in your career field and you are paying attention. Just by following the right twitters you can see what companies are looking for individuals for available positions or internships.

Social media isn’t just for fun it can help you stay in touch with old friends from the past, friends from the present and friends who can help you in the future!

Happy Friend-ing!

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