From Coloring to Organizing…I Promise It’s Worth It!

It is so great to see what a success Monday’s blog post became. I had so much fun writing about letting your inner kid out to play! Who wouldn’t have fun writing about crayons and fun? How do I follow up a great post with awesome feedback? That’s the bittersweet nature of writing a successful and enjoyable blog post…how do I follow that act? I could write about fun things to do to act like a kid all day long. Unfortunately, I already did that so on to the next subject.

What I am about to talk about is exciting to me and it very well may be exciting to you…or not. Organization has that all in or all out effect on people. If you don’t like cleaning or organizing don’t quit reading just yet. I am going to give some tips on organizing your University Residences room, your school responsibilities and your online life. There are many positive effects organization can have on all aspects of your life and I am going to show you the way.

First, let’s talk about your room. Sometimes it’s difficult to share your space with someone, let alone keep it all organized. I suggest (providing you and your roommate have a good, trusting relationship) organizing your things together. You don’t have to go out and buy expensive boxes or designer organizers to make things look put together. I am a big fan of working with what you have. Giving random items a place to belong is a great way to keep things where you know they will always be. Stack your movies next to your TV, that way when you want to watch “Insert favorite movie name here” you will know exactly where it is. If you are in need of boxes or crates for mixed items laundry baskets or milk crates are a great way to separate like items and remove them from the floor.

Now, let’s move on to your school responsibilities. I know everyone hates that feeling of leaving that assignment in your room in some random place. Your professor asks your class to hand in your papers and BAM! that drop of the stomach feeling immediately precedes. Keeping all of your school items and responsibilities organized can really help eliminate losing your stomach dropping assignment. Folders are a cheap, easy way to organize everything you need for each class. Binders are also a great way to get everything in the same place. I use folders on my desk to separate items that need action, are finished or are ongoing pieces of work. The same thought can be applied to each class. Pens, pencils, and crayons 😉 can be put into an empty jar with a wide mouth. Spaghetti sauce jars work great and you can decorate them if you like. Keeping your laptop or desktop is an important part of the organization process. I had a file for each semester on my desktop. In that folder, I had a folder for each class. Each time I added new files I would back up the semester folder onto a jump drive that I kept in my school bag. Virtually, eliminating the “I forgot my homework,” to “I just need to print it out quick,” which trust me, sounds much better!

Finally, the fun one! Your online, social life sometimes needs organizing. This has become so much easier due to apps being made for everything! Most of you have apps for Facebook, Twitter and more on your phones. Why not use your calendar app that almost every phone comes with. Put test dates, lunch dates and homework 😦 dates. The alerts will help you stay on track. You’re already using your phone, you might as well have it help you with the rest of your life!

So, I say this whole heartedly…Happy Organizing…then go color a picture! 🙂

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