Sometimes You Don’t Have To Act Your Age…

It seems like an odd statement to put out there but on this Monday it is an appropriate subject to talk about. When we were younger, our worries bordered on what flavor juice box we wanted or if we could stay up just a little after bedtime. Now our worries are a little more stressful than that. We have exams, group meetings, homework, work, money, etc. Most of the time it is a general rule (set by adults) that we “act our age.” In theory this a good rule to follow…but sometimes it needs to be broken!

Sometimes life gets too stressful and we all need to take some time for ourselves. I have talked in past blog posts about taking time for you, but this is a little different. It’s okay to “act your shoe size,” instead of your age. Even if you don’t have time to color with crayons (which I admit I have done recently), do something that will make you smile and forget your worries for a little while. It could be as easy as making a huge ice cream sunday with sprinkles or eating a kid friendly french fries and chicken fingers at the dining courts.

It’s nice to take off our serious hats for a minute and enjoy the simple things that used to make us so happy. A Disney movie, riding your bike for fun (to class does not count), playing an old school Nintendo game online, anything you can think of that will relax your mind.

I challenge you today to do something for your inner kid who is waiting to get out! Comment and let me know what you did to make yourself smile!

Happy Monday!

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