What Can A Personal Blog Do For You?

Having a hobby when you’re in school can really help to lower your stress. It’s a subject you enjoy that you can engage with others who feel the same way about it. Whether it’s about knitting or fantasy football, blogging can do a lot for your academic life and…it’s fun.

How can a blog help you academically? Easy. Even when you’re posting videos, news stories, pictures, internet content or your writings – it can all relate to school. It doesn’t matter what you’re writing about, writing anything helps you develop and learn. We all know that writing papers for class is not the most fun you can have while writing. Why not hone your writing skills about something you love? Even when you’re posting media content, it helps you with research and internet skills.

Can a blog help you professionally? Thinking about the future can be fun…or daunting. Having a blog about a subject you are passionate about shows future or current employers that you have a. great writing skills b. good internet research tools and c. passion for worth while things in life. Employers like that you are in to your major of choice but they also like to know that you have other hobbies and personal skills that could translate into a job.

How should I go about blogging? Some important things to remember when blogging:
1. ALWAYS spell check. No1 wans to read a blogg tiped lyke thes or TyPeD LiKe ThIs. Make sure your fonts and colors are user friendly. Don’t be afraid to be creative just check to make sure you would want to read your blog first.
2. Post related content. If your blog is about hiking, don’t try and tell your users about how horrible your lunch was at XYZ restaurant. They followed you because they want to read about your similar interests in hiking, not your personal feelings towards a sandwich.
3. Be regular when blogging. On this blog I post 2-3 posts a week. If I feel like I have more content to share, I will post more. If you have time and want to post everyday that is great and it will most likely get you more followers. If you can only post once a month, make sure your readers know you’re a casual blogger and don’t plan on updating often. Followers usually want you to be upfront with them.

If you take all this information I haven given you and use it towards blogging you will become successful. There are many blog articles and information out there on how to blog better and what to blog about, all you have to do is search.

Happy Blogging!

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