Twitter Can Help With Homework?

You heard me right, Twitter can really help with homework. I wish Twitter had been more popular a couple years ago, it could have made my life so much easier! In a lot of courses one of the homework assignments is finding news stories that apply to the subject you are studying that week. It hit me the other day that if Twitter is used to help with this, finding a news story will take minutes not an hour!

What am I talking about? Simply using your personal Twitter to help you with many things is possible. Finding jobs, keeping in touch with friends and staying up to date on the news. There are plenty of news Twitters to follow. I will list some of the major ones but if you are looking for a specific subject, chances are it’s out there. Just by going to a news Twitter’s page and looking at the quick summary can help you see if it can help you with your specific subject. The best part is the tweet includes a link for you to quickly access the story.

@AP – The Associated Press Twitter. This has world and U.S. news. This would be best to follow if you’re looking for economic or political news. While there are some other stories on here, the majority has to do with these two subjects.

@USATODAY – USA Today Newspaper Twitter. This will have a wide range of stories that are considered “Top News.” If you are looking for general news stories this would be the Twitter to follow.

@nytimes – NY Times Twitter. If there is a largely circulated newspaper chances are they have a Twitter. I know I had a class where we had to read the NY Times. If Twitter had been what it is today (I only took this class 2 years ago) things would have been so much easier! NY Times has a majority of US economic, opinion and US news pieces.

@mashable – Mashable Twitter. This is just one example of a topic specific Twitter. For those of you who are unsure of Mashable it’s a tech-social media-web culture online news source. If you like Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site I suggest following this Twitter. This personally, would have helped me with my major in Communication, Public Relations and my career choice in Social Media. If you want a career in engineering I guarantee there is a Twitter out there with exciting engineering news.

I hope this will help you with future homework assignments or if you want to just stay up to date on the news that interests you. If you ever have any social media questions, comment and I will do my best to help you.

Happy Tweeting!

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