Study Habits, We All Need Them.

When I say study habits, I don’t mean going to the gas station and buying two energy shots, a Coke and candy. Unfortunately, this blog post is about the actual studying but if you want to start off your study time with a mass amount of sugar and caffeine, have at it!

I’m talking more about productivity, consistency and developing a “plan” that works for you. We talked on Monday about how finding that perfect place to study for you can help your productivity. Let’s expand on that and talk about a few study habits to add to your “study routine.”

First, having a consistent set of things that you do each time you study can help you get into studying mode. I know that when you sit down the last thing you want to do is read 125 pages on history or economics and then go over the 100 power point slides. That just does not sound like fun and I’m not going to lie to you, it’s really not. Unfortunately, as a college student this is your life every few weeks when the next round of tests begin. Having a “plan” that you follow each time you study will help you go from, “My favorite TV show is on and I am instead reading this huge-over priced text book.” to “This is an important exam and I need to get serious about studying.” My personal routine included: first checking all social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) so I got that out of my system, then find a good classical music station on Pandora and last organize my cubicle for greatest productivity. If you haven’t notice already, I am an extremely organized, to-do list maker. The last part of my list does not have to be followed. 😉

Next, you have already found the place that you believe you will study best in from the last post. Try to leave your cell and laptop (if you don’t need it) in your bag. All distractions do not help with studying. While this really does stink, it is necessary, phones tend to be a time-suck. Along with this, create 10 minute breaks for each hour that you study. It does not help to study for 6 hours straight with no breaks. That would make anyone’s eyes cross. The 10 minutes off help you to not lose energy and to use the next 50 minutes productively.

Last, if you have trouble concentrating alone bring a friend for support. Some of us need to be alone to study and some of us need a friend to keep us on track. If they see you have your phone out too much or are surfing the web when you should be looking at power point slides they can help redirect your attention. It also helps if they are in or had the same class you are studying for. It makes asking questions and bouncing ideas back and forth easier.

By taking these few, easy steps your study time can be the most beneficial to you. You know most of the material from class and to try and not stress out too much. Happy Studying! And take a deep breath and remember…

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