Where Are You Most Productive?

Not everyone does their best studying in a library. Some like to study in a random building on campus, others at their desk or those that study in the their secret studying place. Where ever it may be it’s a good thing to have that one place you always go to get focused on whatever it is you have to get done.

Personally, I had a hard time studying at home. It was too comfortable for me. The biggest problem: the proximity of my bed. There was something about the bright lights, lack of communication with others and knowing I can’t go home until I am finished with my studying that kept me focused. My most productive place at Purdue was quite obvious. It was in the basement of Hicks in a cubicle. There is hardly any cell service, the cubicle walls keep you from getting distracted and if you’re lucky you’ll get a cubicle with a power outlet.

Finding a place where you know you have to be productive and work hard is a good thing. Continually going to that one place for you and making a habit of getting your work done there is a good study habit. This piece of advice comes from many a night of me studying at my desk at home and somehow getting to the bed and falling asleep. Creating healthy study habits that work for you early on in your college career can help you make the most of your homework, study or work time.

The next time you think about just doing some reading while sitting in bed, think again! Find your productive spot!

Happy Studying!

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