Take Some Time For You…

It’s Friday and most of us are thinking “Thank Goodness!” Others of us are planning everything we want to cram into this weekend while we don’t have the responsibility of class. You might want to hold off on that thought. Every once in a while it’s good for you to take a night off for yourself. No, this doesn’t mean that you have to stay in your room all alone but it does mean that you should take a night off from responsibilities. Being caught up in school all week with homework, quizzes, group meetings and exams it’s difficult to get done what we want to do.

Take a night off from everything once in a while. It’s good for your mental, emotional and physical health to have a night where you don’t have to do anything. Now if you are a social butterfly and like to be around people you can do this too! Find a friend to take a night off with you.

My favorite time to take off is either Friday night or Sunday day. I think I like to take Sunday off because I can call it ‘Lazy Sunday’ and it sounds catchy. It’s all up to you. The important thing is you take this time to de-stress and completely relax. If letting go of life for a night is watching all the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy then fire up your TV and let go! If you like to lounge around and play MW3 with all your buddies and that relaxes you, set up a night for you all to stay in! I’ve accomplished one of those, I’ll leave it to you to figure out which one.

Relaxing is the key, no matter who is with you or what you are doing, just let go of all the stress in your life for one night/day. So today when you’re planning your weekend, carve out some time to just relax.

Happy Weekend!

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