Start Fresh Each Month

One of the best things I ever learned to do in college is to start fresh each month. Obviously, there are somethings that you cannot start fresh with but this really can help you to de-stress. Starting fresh is not forgetting everything that you have done or need to do and starting over. It is more like meditating over the past month.

No you don’t have to actually meditate. You do need to make sometime to be alone and find a relaxing place for you. Personally, I like to sit on my bed but anywhere you feel relaxed can work. Then start thinking about all that you accomplished in the last month. Finished that big project you never thought would get done? Studied extra hard and raised your grade? Got promoted at your part-time job? Anything can be an accomplishment, it doesn’t have to be a huge, congratulatory thing that you did. It can be that you ate healthy for the whole month or you kept your room clean.

Once you have identified all the things that you feel good about. Think about some goals you would like to set for the new month. Maybe you’d like to set aside more time for homework or you would like to find a weekend job to give you some spending money. Whatever it may be, set at least 3 goals, big or small. Eventually, this process will become second nature to you and it will in turn make you more productive and positive. It’s okay if some goals need to be repeated a few times until you get the hang of integrating them into your life.

This can apply anywhere in your life: friends, relationships, work, school, health, etc. If it seems time consuming or overwhelming, start out small with one goal and work your way up. Trust me, it really is worth it to give your self a pat on the back for what you’ve done! It’s February 1st, so it is the perfect time to begin!

Happy Starting Fresh!

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