Taking a Look on the Bright Side.

Monday mornings, they’re tough for everyone including students and staff. It’s hard to wake up and realize you have five whole days that could quite possibly be filled with: homework, exams, quizzes, pop quizzes (the worst), work, friends, family, etc. I could go on but it may just make you feel worse about today. The point being is it’s difficult to look forward and not feel overwhelmed. That’s why we’re going to discuss adding a little  positivity into your life.

I realize we all are happy at times and sad at others. This is life and I am not asking you to be someone who is happy a ridiculous 100% of the time. That is unfortunately not possible with life knocking on our door. What I am asking is that you let just a little more in each time you are feeling down. Try to think of a positive tone to a negative situation. Feel like you didn’t study enough for that big exam? Think about how you have not only studied but you have been to almost every class (we’ve all missed at least one class), taken notes, listened to your lectures and participated in class. When adding all that experience to your studying you have prepared way more than you expected.

Adding even just a little positivity to a negative situation or thought in your life can really help your mental, emotional and physical well-being. Adding positive thoughts works just like the saying, if you pretend to smile it will eventually make you happy. If you think it is too much of a task for you, pick a small subject that you are determined to be positive about. It can be something serious to you like exams or something that seems silly like loving Thursday TV. It will work the same way.

So today when you’re waking up or trying to stay awake, take a look on the bright side. You may be surprised at what you find.

Happy Thoughts!

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