Facebook Can Be Used For More Than Keeping In Touch With Friends?

Facebook has evolved since we began using it what seems like forever ago. When I think back on what we did to keep in touch with friends before, I cannot come up with anything. It really is an amazing friend tool. You can chat with your friends, write on their walls, send them messages, check out what they’ve been up to and beyond. It’s a very convenient tool to have in our pockets and on our computers.

If you haven’t ventured past the friend aspect of Facebook it’s time to start. Facebook has thousands of add-ons available. There is one main feature I want to high light that can make your life easier.

Following Pages: you may already know that you can follow pages of celebrities or products that you like on the market but Pages has been expanding lately. You can follow news pages or your favorite teams. It has become a very popular way to get news, information or even deals across to the public. Companies and organizations recently have been offering free products like iPads, free plane tickets and more. All they want from you is a ‘like.’

Start following your favorite sports team, your favorite source of news (USA Today, CNN, etc.) or start searching for things that interest you. By diversifying your interests on Facebook your news feed will not only have what your best friend did last night but also breaking news on subjects you enjoy and are of interest to you.

ResLifeAtPurdue also has a Facebook page. By liking our page you can stay up to date on call out meetings, news involving residence halls, photos we share, general information and the other many things we have going on. How does this help you? We all know most students love to spend time on Facebook. If you are already on there, what better place to get your news too! Facebook has become almost a one-stop-shop customized for you!

Happy Facebooking!

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