Using Twitter to Help With Your Future Career?

Last week we talked about career fairs and how they can help you prepare for your future job search. I am going to continue on that theme today. These things are easy ways to make your future job search when you are a senior, junior or beyond much easier. Surprisingly, Twitter has helped thousands of people find the right job for them. There are a few things that you can start doing now to help make your life easier down the road.

The first thing you have to decide is if you can commit to making your profile public. If you have your Twitter set to private chances are that your efforts will go unseen. When making your tweets public you do not have to stick to tweeting professional things. You can tweet normal things: what you had for dinner, pictures of your dog or cat sleeping in a weird position or a picture of the Red Power Ranger on campus. Your Twitter does not have to be serious all the time by all means. The point is to become present on Twitter. The only tweets I would stay away from are tweets describing poor work ethic, for example, “I don’t want to go to work today ugh.” Instead you could say, “Not feeling too well. Hope work goes well.” Other tweets to avoid are “late night tweets.” Twitter seems to take on a “late night” persona past midnight. If you decide to go out with friends or think you may be participating in “late night” Twitter, set your Twitter to private for that night. Those tweets will then be only for your followers. Just remember who your followers are.

The next thing to consider when using Twitter to help with your eventual career search is following the right accounts. Of course you can still follow your favorite funny accounts or famous people you love but think about following companies you may be interested in in the future. For instance if you are interested in working for Google you should consider following @googlejobs. Most large companies and organizations have Twitters specifically to find young, enthusiastic employees. Companies usually offer internships for the Summer and are increasingly using Twitter to find their interns.

The next step is to interact with the companies you are interested in. Re-Tweet them if they have an interesting post. Reply if you think you can add something interesting to the conversation. Include them in tweets you think they may think are interesting. All of these tactics help you to gain their interest. You want them to see your name out of thousands and think. “Wow, this person has some great insight.”

The last piece of advice I have for you is to begin following people you admire in your potential career field. I personally follow leaders in the social media movement. I also follow interesting public relations twitters. That way my Twitter news feed is filled with things that interest me not just photos of someone’s lunch of a “HUGE BURRITO.”

Of course if you decide to change your career path you always can un-follow individuals and start over!

Happy Tweeting!

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