“Get Involved.”

It’s a phrase you will hear often here at Purdue. It may hit home with you right away or it may take a while to sink in. I am just asking that you take a moment to think about what it means. You don’t have to run out and join several clubs, go to the first meetings, pay the fees and just be in the club. It is important for you to be involved in things that you care about, that say something about you as a person.

It took me until my third year to realize what I was missing. I realized you don’t necessarily have to get involved just at Purdue. Being involved at your college is an important part of meeting people and contributing to the place you love but it’s not just that. The whole community that you live in has great opportunities that you can take advantage of. For instance, if you would like to help out at a food pantry once a month there are several places to do that in Lafayette. If you love animals and want to help them find forever homes, there are places to do that too! If you take a minute to Google whatever cause is close to your heart there will be a place in Lafayette-West Lafayette for you to volunteer at.

There are thousands of ways to get involved on campus at Purdue if that is the way you would like to go. Now is the time to start! There have been and will be call-out meetings the first month of the semester. This is a way for you to figure out which causes and opportunities are for you and which are not. Plus most call-outs have free food to entice you!

So I will say it to you one more time, “Get Involved!”

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