Welcome Back!

For the past couple weeks Purdue’s campus has felt like it is sleeping. Luckily, today all the students are back and it feels like a college campus again.  When I came to work today, at 8 am it was already buzzing!

The first day of class was always my favorite. It sounds dorky but I liked the promise that each class held on that first day. I couldn’t hate or love a class yet. There was no dread filled march on to a class I knew I didn’t like. I held a certain excitement for each course; a hope that this class would be my new favorite.

Some of you may not feel the same way as I did or even feel opposite towards the first day of class. What I am going to say next you will most likely not believe but you will miss it. I speak from experience. This is my first year out of college, in the working field. I miss college! I am lucky and really like my job. I get to do exactly what I want to do and it is so exciting!

A part of me misses small things I thought I would never miss: late night study sessions at Hicks, celebratory Den Pops after an exam (okay I knew I’d miss this), lunch at the Union between classes, little things like that. I could go get a Den Pop right now…but I would be an adult getting an unnecessarily large 72 oz. pop instead of a student getting a 72oz Styrofoam cup of energy which is completely different!

It makes me wonder what everyone else will miss. There are obvious things everyone will miss about college: sleeping in, cancelled classes, or Grand Prix. What do you think will be your most missed college ritual? It may be something that will surprise you!

Welcome Back!

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