To Tweet or Not to Tweet…

Twitter keeps gaining speed through the social networking world. I’ve jumped on for the ride, have you?

A quick description of Twitter: it is very similar to Facebook status updates. You have 140 characters to get your point across. It is also easy to connect with others by subject. Putting a # and a subject like #PurdueLove can connect you with any others that have posted that same subject. You can involve your followers by @TwitterUserName. There is also a private messaging system set up called direct messaging.

There are some worries involved with Twitter. Sometimes it feels like a venting tool but it is important to be careful. If your account on Twitter is not private anyone can search you and see all your tweets. Even those tweets you wrote when you were mad or maybe a late night tweet you forgot about…future employers, colleagues, family, anyone will be able to see those. If you are worried about your tweets’ contents it may be best for your to switch your account to private.

There are some great benefits to Twitter’s constantly updating stream of tweets. It is hard to miss breaking news or notifications for your area. If you follow the right accounts you won’t need to work too hard to keep up on all of your favorite topics If you are looking for news at Purdue, it is easy to follow. There are several accounts that can help you with any subject.

Our account @ResLifeAtPurdue helps you to connect with other residents from the University Residence halls. It also acts as a sounding board for any questions or comments regarding the Residence Halls.

A general account for Purdue, @LifeAtPurdue posts on many topics: campus closings, news, sports, clubs, and recent photos.

Working during a Purdue sporting event or just busy? You can follow the many Purdue sports accounts for Purdue! These are just some that I have found but if your favorite sport is missing search for it on Twitter (Purdue+SportName)!

  • @PurdueWBB (Purdue Women’s Basketball), @PurdueSports, @BoilerFootball, @PurdueMensHoops, @PurdueVB (volleyball), @BTN_Purdue (Big Ten), @PurdueSoftball, @PurdueGolf, @PurdueWrestling, @PurdueSoccer, @PurdueCycling, @PurdueBaseball, @PurdueMensLax, @PurdueRecSports, @PurdueTrackXC, @PurdueMSwimDive, @PurdueWSwim

Want the latest local news for Purdue and the surrounding areas? Don’t worry there are Twitter accounts for that too!

  • @purdueexponent, @PurduePress, @indystar_purdue, @WLFI, @jconline, @PurduePolice

Looking for a job or need some assistance with your future career? Follow these accounts:

  • @PurdueCCO, @PurdueLACD

Here are some of the academic departments that have Twitters. If your department is missing please let me know so I can add it on here.

  • @PurdueKrannert, @PurdueAgEcon, @PurdueCS, @PurdueAdmission, @PurdueLibraries, @purdueunion, @PurdueFoodSci, @PurdueEDU, @pusvm

Events at Purdue even have Twitters!

  • @boilergoldrush, @purduegrandprix

Here you will find some other Purdue Twitter accounts that may interest you.

  • @PurduePMO (Purdue Musical Organization), @PurdueSCC (Purdue Student Concert Committee), @JohnPurdueClub, @PurdueSG (Purdue Student Government), @Convocations (Purdue Convocations), @PurdueOldMasters, @PurdueGreeks (Fraternaty & Sorority Life)

The next time you wish you could have updates on the basketball game or the current events with the University Residences don’t hesitate and use Twitter!

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