Nice To Meet You!

My name is Hannah and I am the author of this blog for University Residences at Purdue. I will tell you a little about myself then we will talk about where I plan to take this blog!

I am 23 years old and I graduated in May 2011 from Purdue. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication: Public Relations & Rhetorical Advocacy. I have a huge passion for integrating social media and public relations. I started out at Ball State but once I visited Purdue for a weekend, it was over. I transferred here my sophomore year and fell in love with Purdue. I am lucky that I have the opportunity to work for a University that I have deep ties with.

Some of the things I enjoy include: my dog – Romeo, Mexican food, and Twitter. And when I say I love Twitter, I mean I love it so much I made it a part of my job!

My Dog

I hope that I can bring something new and exciting to the table! My posts will include content of the University Resident’s lifestyle. Instead of what a new student needs to know, it will be more along the lines of what can Purdue University Residences offer you? I want to help guide you, but also let you know things I’ve learned as a student and a staff member at Purdue that can help you.

This blog will be giving helpful advice but it will do so much more. I want you to interact with me! You, Boilermakers, Purdue residents, freshmen, seniors; we will collaborate to make this a great resource for the University Residences. There are multiple outlets to receive and give information other than this blog. University Residences has a Facebook, Twitter, and a Purdue website.

Have a Great Winter Break!

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